Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Class 160: Harriet's Double Nine Patch Chain Project Quilt

Here is Harriet's Example Quilt
There are two different 9 patch blocks in this quilt. Only 3 fabrics.  Projects are getting more complicated and a little more time consuming, so I'll be breaking up the project into chunks for the blog. Otherwise, posts will be farther between, and too long!

Here is my fabric choice:
The paisly dark fabric will be the border and the large 9 patch block squares (Block B).
The greenish yellow is my background "tan" replacement.
The tonal blue is the small 9 patch chain blocks (Block A)


Making Block A
1. Make 2 different strips and cut 1 1/2" and assemble the middle block
2. Make 2 different strip sets to assemble modified 9 patch

Here are the 3 different assembled 9 patch blocks.
Next step was step 9: "Now add the solid squares to the Chain blocks".  Well... interesting that we don't get any info about those. Usually we get specific instructions :)
Of course, I can see that there are 4 in the example Block A.
And, I count 12 blocks in the quilt, thus I need 48.
Ok. What size? Hmm.. My other blocks measure out to 3 1/2, so I must need them to be that same size...
How many strips is that? 48x3.5=168"/42" length =4 strips.
So, 48 squares are done!

How about I lay them out now in piles as shown in the example:
Each stack has 12, since I'm constructing 12 blocks A's.
And, now I'm ready to sew together my Block A's!

I think they were just trying to trick me into doing some of the calculating myself, getting me ready?

Next step is to sew Block A's
and then...
Stay tuned for Block B


  1. Looking Good!! I really like the fabrics... the paisley is gorgeous!!
    Nice job on the math too!

    I got a reply today from Harriett about the order. she says
    "It is up to you, but many of the people working through the books are trying to learn to quilt at the same time. I don't know that you want a stack of unfinished projects after each book. The quilts get better and better, and the quilting gets more difficult, so it is best to start out easy and at the beginning. Carrie learned to quilt while writing the book and the quilting ideas at the back of the book are based on her skill level.

    As for borders, we leave those for last so that you can play with other fabrics and color ideas instead of just repeating one of the fabrics in the quilt. This does not always work, but it's fun to interview different fabrics once the quilt top is finished. Also, the width of the border is not predetermined, as that is a factor of the intensity of the fabric chosen and your taste and choice."

    so i think i am going to add borders one at a time, then quilt and bind each one. then do the final exam.

    Looking forward to seeing your finished A blocks!


  2. Vicki,
    I checked your blog to see if you mentioned anything about the little bit of vagueness on step 9! I figured for the sake of those finding us later, I would address the issue that you gotta figure it out, or come here so you don't have to :)

    I agree about the order of finishing. I'm going to go back and work on each one to finish, then go to the final. That means the final will be pushed off a while, but it will be good to do one quilt from start to finish straight through. You think so?

    I'm surprised about the idea that the borders were saved "so you can play with other fabric ideas". Really? The pictures are clear, the fabric requirements basically included the border fabrics. I bought them all to finish like the example! It would be hard to spend all this time doing the projects and then go back and attempt to buy those fabrics if they were the only ones that worked well! I think it was sufficient to say that it is good to learn the piecing, and then the border assembly is much like the piecing... we need practice in a new technique so do all those fairly close together.

    Anyway, we're getting close to that stage. I'm really getting anxious to finish them up! You too?
    Are you planning on going straight on to Year 2?

  3. Hi Dawn , just came upstairs from the sewing room. Yeah I agree it will be good to just do the final quilt from cutting to finding.
    I am so looking forward to getting started on the borders. I have been trying to figure out how i am going to machine quilt them....??
    I have some ideas but nothing in concrete yet except for the very first one. I plan to do that one exactly as it is done in the book LOL
    Interesting that Harriet would say you could audition other fabrics for the borders, I mean i guess you could but sometimes you just need more of the same. I think the double nine patch one is a case in point, for both of us the print fabric is the best border for that quilt. I think i have border fabric for nearly all of the quilts , except inlaid tiles... I am going on a road trip on saturday to Vanderhoof ( about 1 hours drive west) to see if i can find something. If i cant find a border print that will work i think i will just pick one of the colours and go with that.
    I dont' know if I will go straight on to year two, I am eager to learn how to do the diagonal setting but i might take a break and do a couple of other things that are calling me in between!

    cheers for now

    I don't remember step nine at all at the moment, one thing Harriet did say in her email was they tried to be a bit vague as we progressed through the book so we would think and work things through .