Thursday, August 20, 2015

Jump Up and Down and Clap!!

Yes, Welcome new machine... GEORGE!
Of course, it is fate.  I had JUST ordered my hand quilting kit because I had resolved that George wasn't going to come this way within my budget.

Two DAYS later APQS listed their "Used Machine Sale" on their web site and George was there at the bottom and right at MY wishful price!!!  I have been watching their web site for 6 months! Never has there been a George at this price.

In fact, they listed the machines on a Thursday afternoon.  I had checked that morning and still nothing listed and then that evening there was a whole list!  Of course, I could NOT get to sleep for the excitement.  When I woke hubby by my tossing I told him he needed to wake me at 7:30am so I could be the first caller in the AM ..Iowa time! But, there was no need because I just could not sleep at all.  And, I WAS the first caller :)

George was manufactured in 2008 and was traded in for the newer model.  Not sure why, the only difference is the color and the foot shaft. For $200 I had them upgrade the foot shaft so I could use interchangeable feet.  No Biggie.  And, the color is... immaterial. LOLOL  Old Silver vs. New White.
But, it took them 2.5 weeks to refurbish the machine and then they shipped by lightening fast ABF. So, here we are 3 weeks later! And, look at my arrival!

I had to wait for family to come home and help move boxes upstairs.  Hubby and I put together the table last night.

I found a good use for my old cutting table!  I figure if I put these two tables together, and in this corner my quilt will not have a problem falling off!  This is just outside my sewing room.  Yes, I have finally spilled out into the rest of the house!  Someday, when the kids leave, I intend to take over this whole bonus room which is over the garage.

Next is THE box.

Enlarge the picture and read the fun print on the box.  SO TRUE!  LOL

I just couldn't wait to unload it, so I did this myself. Look what was inside!

Can you tell??? I'm SO excited!  And, isn't it so nice he came with a bow tie?

There is lots to learn,  In fact, a whole flash drive was sent along with George.  Boxes of stuff needs to be put together. But, I just can't wait to try him out!  I put together some sandwiches while waiting, so I will be ready to practice.

Speaking of practice... This is my finished practice piece .. learning to hand quilt!

and the close up.  It isn't perfect, and I know that. But, I think that it passes as a first try!  And, I liked it.  I will have to have multiple projects going so I can have something to hand quilt and machine quilt!  I wonder what I do with this?

Patience pays off.  I am one happy camper.
Now, back to setting up a new quilting space!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Hot Summer Days

Triple Digit weather here.  But.... at least we don't have humidity!   LOL.

It has been good weather for getting indoor stuff accomplished.  I've rearranged my sewing room!
Class 240 starts with Lesson 1 going back to the sewing room and upgrading things.  While I don't need to consider my power usage or seat cushions, I have decided that there is a better way to arrange.  

This was the old arrangement

However, these are the things I have been thinking of :

  1. My larger piecing continued to hang off the end of my tables and I wanted more light on my left side of the machine. 
  2. My cutting table is unable to move without having a second person due to the blocks it sits on. This makes it hard to move near my design board, and take pictures without table end in picture. And, my table is not hard, it is soft with a crack down the center for folding. 
The new set up!  So logical, but I finally got that Ah, Ha  moment!  

The tables were swapped and now I have my window to my left, and a wall on both sides to catch the quilt fabric as it goes through.  I am loving my QTools seam lines for accuracy. 

Next, I addressed my table issues.  CraigsList to the rescue!  I found an old "adjustable height" wood and laminate table for $20.  First, I had husband buy PVC pipe, electrical conduit grade which is thicker and stronger which we slide over the legs.

Then, we screwed right into the legs to tighten the plastic so it wouldn't wobble. Screws don't go through legs, just tight against them.

Then, comes the disks to set the legs into since I have wood floors, and want to be able to slide the table around.

And, here is my finished product!  Perfect height, hard with no dips or softness, and it can slide around!
 I did have to move my ironing board to the angle, which makes getting to my rulers on the wall a bit harder, but it was the only way to give me room for my chair.

Other things I've been working on: Hand Quilting.
Here I finally got my 6 stitches to the inch and decided it was time to start the practice project.

And, now I have got a few lines done.  I decided to use the green thread because it is still practice, and I want to easily see my stitches to improve them. I found I just couldn't see the other matching thread well enough to get a sense of what I was doing.  I am really enjoying this, but I am glad I have not counted the hours it has taken to get this far!  It is getting easier though!

And, the audiobook that has kept me company this week.. from the Chronicles of Narnia series. Usually, I've read the Lion, Witch and Wardrobe first.  I decided this time I would listen in the "other" order :)

And, I have very special exciting news coming!  

Monday, August 10, 2015

Project Re-Do

Last time I presented my finished project as this:
it was pretty, but something was off with the border.  Through wonderful feedback in the comments, I agreed it was the oversight of the yellowy green colors introduced in the border.

So, back to the fabric store I went, and found that the purple was still available and I found a wonderful new teal for the border.
Here is the newly finished quilt:
Much better :)
Thanks everyone!

Now on to class 240

Friday, August 7, 2015

I need YOUR Help!

Class 230: Project 2 Metro Main Street

I spent hours picking fabrics for this project. This is what I came up with
 The focus fabric I used was the flowers on the far right.  I planned on that as the border and then picked all the others based on this.

This is after last week, I had all the individual 9 patches and rail fences done.
 And, this is when I put them all in order! I was REALLY liking this color scheme and pattern. I was thinking.. this will be really pretty!!!
 This week, I focused on the setting triangles and then sewing the rows together

Then, I got up this morning with the anticipation of putting on the finishing touches... FINISH IT UP FRIDAY:  the borders!
Border 1

Border 2
But, what happened?  The fabrics looked good together on my table. And, all the interior fabrics are good matches to the border print.  But, there is SOMETHING WRONG??? It doesn't sit with me right.  Technically, all my squares are good and I didn't have any trouble matching up anything or getting side setting triangles placed right.  This is an art thing with colors...

This is where I NEED your comments.  People can be brutally honest online and today I am giving you permission to tell me what you honestly think.
My son said there is too much green in the border and no greens in the interior.  But, *I* saw teals and purple in the border.

What do you think??  Please?? I need to learn from my mistakes and if I can't figure out what the mistake was I will be in trouble! It needs a name or description, not just a niggle in my head :)

I also finished the last book in the Hunger Game series; Mockingjay while I was finishing up this quilt. (audiobook)

It ended up a little depressing!  So, luckily I had good music to fall back on as I finished up my borders!