Thursday, August 13, 2015

Hot Summer Days

Triple Digit weather here.  But.... at least we don't have humidity!   LOL.

It has been good weather for getting indoor stuff accomplished.  I've rearranged my sewing room!
Class 240 starts with Lesson 1 going back to the sewing room and upgrading things.  While I don't need to consider my power usage or seat cushions, I have decided that there is a better way to arrange.  

This was the old arrangement

However, these are the things I have been thinking of :

  1. My larger piecing continued to hang off the end of my tables and I wanted more light on my left side of the machine. 
  2. My cutting table is unable to move without having a second person due to the blocks it sits on. This makes it hard to move near my design board, and take pictures without table end in picture. And, my table is not hard, it is soft with a crack down the center for folding. 
The new set up!  So logical, but I finally got that Ah, Ha  moment!  

The tables were swapped and now I have my window to my left, and a wall on both sides to catch the quilt fabric as it goes through.  I am loving my QTools seam lines for accuracy. 

Next, I addressed my table issues.  CraigsList to the rescue!  I found an old "adjustable height" wood and laminate table for $20.  First, I had husband buy PVC pipe, electrical conduit grade which is thicker and stronger which we slide over the legs.

Then, we screwed right into the legs to tighten the plastic so it wouldn't wobble. Screws don't go through legs, just tight against them.

Then, comes the disks to set the legs into since I have wood floors, and want to be able to slide the table around.

And, here is my finished product!  Perfect height, hard with no dips or softness, and it can slide around!
 I did have to move my ironing board to the angle, which makes getting to my rulers on the wall a bit harder, but it was the only way to give me room for my chair.

Other things I've been working on: Hand Quilting.
Here I finally got my 6 stitches to the inch and decided it was time to start the practice project.

And, now I have got a few lines done.  I decided to use the green thread because it is still practice, and I want to easily see my stitches to improve them. I found I just couldn't see the other matching thread well enough to get a sense of what I was doing.  I am really enjoying this, but I am glad I have not counted the hours it has taken to get this far!  It is getting easier though!

And, the audiobook that has kept me company this week.. from the Chronicles of Narnia series. Usually, I've read the Lion, Witch and Wardrobe first.  I decided this time I would listen in the "other" order :)

And, I have very special exciting news coming!  

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