Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Computer Woes

I love my computer. When it works. When it doesn't, it seems everything is tough going.
So, here I am, finally updating but I have no pictures and I'm on the laptop that isn't portable because the battery doesn't recharge. Seems like a short year of life. It rarely gets used these days.

The Big Dell is in the shop. Being the holiday time that it is, it will hopefully be ready on Monday next week. They have to back up the entire thing then remove EVERYTHING, and then reload. I will get it back for the fun project of reloading all the programs. UGH. I'm glad I didn't lose anything though. So, there is always a bright side, RIGHT!?

The boys are off for the holiday. We're going to a church family's for Thanksgiving dinner. Zach gets to practice his math facts everyday and I hope we get to go riding sometime over the weekend.
That's about it around here! See, you didn't miss much.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Things Going On

It has seemed busier around here than usual.
We had a "meet and greet" for Josh and a guitar teacher to decide whether or not Josh wants to commit to learning this instrument. It seemed like all went well, and Josh is ready and willing to learn guitar.
I have had a couple of conversations with Zach's teacher and on Friday we have a conference to decide how to proceed with Zach's math class. He is falling behind the class faster than we anticipated.
My computer is not working. It won't even boot up, hence my lack in posts lately. I just got the laptop working sufficiently to get on for this and a few other needed tasks. Dell is supposed to call back "in an hour" to continue the help. It's been almost 2 hrs. I guess the guy really needed a break! I hate computers when they dont work!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Little Light Heartedness

Josh participates in the Variety Show put on by the high school music department.
They decided it was a fundraiser and charged $10 per person, but forgot to invite people other than the parents of the students participating. Not sure why we pay for the class + donations!
They had a good time anyway. This is Josh, being an Oompa Loompa (from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory).
It's good to sit and smile at this when the world around us is so much more serious when thinking about what is to come.