Friday, June 5, 2015

Vol.2 Project 1 Nine Patch on Point

Progress made this week. Vol. 2 lesson 230
This project is making "simple" 6 1/2" nine patch blocks, in two color schemes.

I think my sewing is back to where I left off over a year ago
And, I really like the look of a nine patch turned on point!  It has the illusion that the points are sharper, don't you think?

And, after making all the blocks, this is the layout on my design board. I've accomplished all the easy parts.

The next step is to spend time making the corner and side setting triangles to fill in the edges, and then assemble. This will be the "new" part of the lesson.

I also attended an APQS Long Arm demo this week at my local quilt store.  There were 50 people there and many of them want to go into business of quilting for others.  They figure you can pay off the loan with your earnings, if you quilt 2.5 quilts every week for a year for avg. of $135 each. !!! I think I'll stick with renting!  We learned about the machines, how to care for them, what they do, and how much they cost. They are Not in my price range, but I'm still entering to win a George every day.  This month is the drawing, wish me luck!