Saturday, June 18, 2016

Other Things Besides Quilting in Life!

What?? Is it possible? Other things besides Quilting the day long?

I took a break last fall and fell in love with walking the trails in our foothills.  I like to call it hiking :)
Here is a picture of me enjoying the nature of our local city.

I miss my dog Zoe tremendously. However, her "sister" which is not closely related, but from the same breeder has done very well in taking up the position of guardian of the family. She was my husband's companion dog, but I have now adopted her and she is equally loyal to both of us. Here is a pic of them together too, as friends. :)

My sister arrived and we went to Jackson Hole Wy, and visited the Tetons.

We got lots of snow in the mountains this winter. We and another couple spent a weekend in Sun Valley enjoying the snowshoeing adventures.

We went to California for Christmas to spend time with the extended family, and were treated to a day at Disneyland.

Hiking in Winter, with my walking buddies.  This is Feburary!  Enjoying lunch on the ground!

Then, in May disaster struck, and Brisby got very sick.  She was slowing down some, and thought she needed some joint juice, but after a delightful hike in which she did not seem sluggish, she came home and preceded to bleed profusely.  Pyometria.  She was set to be spayed this summer when we slowed down the walking in the heat.  We missed it by a couple of months, maybe.  We were referred to an emergency hospital since it was off hours. It is a highly capable hospital, but also Very Spendy.

Thankfully, our minds took control over the emotions, and we had them keep her over night to stabilize her and then we transferred her to another Vet in the morning after searching for capable and available surgeons.  They took great care of her, and now have the title "Our local Vet".

Just in time to heal and travel to California for the wedding of our Niece.  The boys were Ushers.

After all this, Husband decided that it is too stressful to ride the motorcycles we just got last fall.
He sells his bike, and I decide I'M KEEPING MINE.  Well, I take a 2 hr ride by myself one afternoon and decide this is no fun!  lol.  It was meant to go from here to the woods and enjoy the back country, which I will not do on my own.
So, I sell the motorcycle too.

But I buy this delight for riding local errands :) And it is SO much FUN!
It reminds me of college days and I really enjoy riding it around town. Aprilia SportCity 250.   It is lighter and easier to maneuver, park and get out of the garage by myself.  The 650 Versys was just too big for anything other than long rides.  This one is a keeper.  And, it has its very own space in the garage now too.

My sister and I did some hiking in her hills while we visited for the wedding. As we got to talking she decided I should come in and have an ultrasound of my thyroid.  She works at the hospital on call at nights.  Turns out I needed to see a doctor right away.

So, this month I have been spending some time visiting and giving blood donations (samples) to my new doctor. Thankfully, the results are non malignant tumor.  Monitor and medicate is my future for now.  I'm very thankful for these results :)

And I finally learned how to can!  We had strawberries galore this season, so I made jam with a friend who knows these things.  The peaches are abundant this year too, as well as pears.  Our apples didn't fair so well, I think it must have been too warm too soon as we dont have a single apple. And, pickles, of course! Lots of pickles.

So, as I think about Quilting many times I have just not had the brain space to remember where I was at when I took my break!  I know I had just got my new machine.

And, hung a new thread spool holder with lots of fun colors!
Maybe as the forecasts warn of 103 degrees coming, I will find my space in the Quilter's Nest again soon.