Friday, August 7, 2015

I need YOUR Help!

Class 230: Project 2 Metro Main Street

I spent hours picking fabrics for this project. This is what I came up with
 The focus fabric I used was the flowers on the far right.  I planned on that as the border and then picked all the others based on this.

This is after last week, I had all the individual 9 patches and rail fences done.
 And, this is when I put them all in order! I was REALLY liking this color scheme and pattern. I was thinking.. this will be really pretty!!!
 This week, I focused on the setting triangles and then sewing the rows together

Then, I got up this morning with the anticipation of putting on the finishing touches... FINISH IT UP FRIDAY:  the borders!
Border 1

Border 2
But, what happened?  The fabrics looked good together on my table. And, all the interior fabrics are good matches to the border print.  But, there is SOMETHING WRONG??? It doesn't sit with me right.  Technically, all my squares are good and I didn't have any trouble matching up anything or getting side setting triangles placed right.  This is an art thing with colors...

This is where I NEED your comments.  People can be brutally honest online and today I am giving you permission to tell me what you honestly think.
My son said there is too much green in the border and no greens in the interior.  But, *I* saw teals and purple in the border.

What do you think??  Please?? I need to learn from my mistakes and if I can't figure out what the mistake was I will be in trouble! It needs a name or description, not just a niggle in my head :)

I also finished the last book in the Hunger Game series; Mockingjay while I was finishing up this quilt. (audiobook)

It ended up a little depressing!  So, luckily I had good music to fall back on as I finished up my borders!


  1. I'm thinking that it may be the yellow in the border that is throwing you off. Perhaps a bit of yellow in the center of the quilt would make the transition from center to border blend better. Just my two cents worth. Feel free to ignore if it doesn't do the trick.

    1. Maybe that is it! I ignored the yellowy green color and picked from the other colors that I liked and worked with them! I figured if I picked from the colors in the fabric I would be fine. Then, the yellow stuff shows up more prominent than I planned on and I didn't even pay attention to that color! LOL. Ok, I can learn from that. Don't ignore any of the colors in the fabric. Thank you Joan!

  2. The border does look rather green and yellow ... not sure if it's because of the rather green inner border, or if it's just because those are the new colors so they stand out and wave at me. But I can also see the teals and purples. I'm not sure that it absolutely doesn't work. It's cheery, springy. With just blues and purples. it's a blue/purple quilt. A primary, and the colors slightly to either side of it, mostly on the red side. (Teal is sorta green, no?) I don't know that yellow in the center would help (got photoshop? Can that change a bunch of quilt blocks to different colors?) Personally, I'd use two of the fabrics from the interior to border it. The ones you have call too much attention to themselves, as they're so different from the rest.

    1. Yep, I had Dave look at it last night and he agreed that the easiest way to fix it would be to put on new borders. Changing interior blocks was out of the real of possible for me since the are well locked in. I thought I'd leave it as it is and say it was a learning experience, but Dave likes the interior as much as I do so I will be thread picking soon!
      I am just really surprised at how the teals and purples got lost and the yellow and green are so obvious and I ignored them! LOL.

  3. I love the inside of your quilt. I would suggest that you make more of the rail fence blocks to use as the outside border in a piano keys arrangement. There seems to be too much yellow in your original focus fabric.

  4. I love the main pattern. Simple blocks that are striking together. I agree about the yellow/green issue. I personally use fabric from the blocks for the border and like a dark "frame". Good luck!

  5. i love the interior of the quilt. i think because you didn't use any of the boarder fabric on the inside of the quilt there isn't a way to pull your eye in and the boarder is competing for focus. i would remove the outer boarder and use the fabric on the back of the quilt if you wish.

    1. Oo, I wish I had thought of buying more to make it the backing! That would have worked fine, Instead I already purchased enough for backing. Guess that flower stuff will go into the stash for another time.