Friday, March 1, 2013

Double Chain Block A finished

Block A finished, 12 times

Somehow, when putting row 3 together, my second 9 patch got turned at the table, and after the first one, all the others were sewn sideways so that the chain didn't meet... So, I had to rip 11 of them back off and do them over. I think since I had them on my left, as the first piece went through, it slid along the pile and turned them!

Most of them are just like this.  All the corners are nested nicely, except one corner. I'm not sure what happened. I even ripped some seams after joining the row to see if I could nest them better, but it came out the same the second time. I did not have this problem with the smaller 9 patches. It is only when I joined the rows together.

I measured after each seam was sewn. All was fine.

I pressed toward the middle row as per the instructions, which makes for some bulky seams.
This block had a lot of steps. It is fairly boring looking, but more work than it looks and very time consuming.
It looked a little better when I put them all up on the design board:
Not so boring anymore!
Now, on to Block B.

But first......
I went shopping again!
I had to get some more storage bins for the fabric I won on Ebay! I got one more large and one more medium just like in the pictures previously.

A quilt store owner/quilter is selling off her "scrap" stash. Her scraps are not what I would call scraps.  Yes, there were some smaller squares, but there were nice strips of  2,3,5" or so from the end of the yardage cut, (very nice scraps). There were also lots of pieces that looked almost a fat quarter, or more!  So much variety! 6 1/2 pounds worth = approx 18 yards!  I spent last night sorting it and putting it away. It was like being a kid in a candy store.

I also won from the same lady 140 fat 1/8ths. No duplicates. All quilt store quality.  I was the only bidder which means I paid the starting bid which works out to a total of  35 cents each!

I'd say I'm on my way to collecting a nice stash!

And, Amazon delivered by USPS today!
I'm going to enjoy having a magnetic pin cushion. When I drop my pins on the wood floor they disappear!  I thought it would be easier to find them on a wood floor, but they roll away far from where I dropped them.

I bought nice Patchwork Thin pins to use because my pins are too thick and distort my fabric. The pins that came with the cushion, as well as my current pins are being donated to my dh. He uses them to clean out spray tips, etc..

The "Purple Sticky Thingies", (Thank you Sandra) are actually Qtools Sewing Edge and are for a nice clean sewing edge, without leaving a sticky residue on my plastic machine.

And, in anticipation of my finally getting toward the quilting/binding stage, I got these Clover Wonder Clips. Quilter's say they love these things to hold the binding on, much better than pins. So, I'm going to try them!

Oh, I love getting mail :)


  1. Your design wall really made a difference. I don't have one, I lay things out on the bed or in the floor. Can't wait to see the other blocks next to these. Very interested to see what you and Vicki do about Vol 2. The only person I know who finished Vol 1 and went on to Vol 2 (and blogged about it) is Leslie (Blockhead). I am also looking forward to your adventures with the free motion quilting. Your work is awesome.

    1. When I'm finished with Vol. 1, I'm planning on moving directly into Vol. 2. I don't have other projects waiting for me, except those that I need much more skill before attempting. So, Vol 2 is on my radar, not too far off.

      Leslie at Blockhead is apparently on vacation because she hasn't updated for over a month. I'm wondering if she plans on continuing with Vol. 3?

      I'm looking forward to the free motion adventures too :)