Saturday, March 2, 2013

Completed Block B

I spent last night sewing, since dh was tired and went to bed.  It also helps that I was on the last disk of Harry Potter 4 and wanted to finish it up!
This is the makings of Block B, Harriet's Double 9 Patch Chain.
Strips were 3 1/2", nice and big for a change!  My issue with cutting them?  Well, I have a 2.5" and 3.5" ruler in Creative Grid (CG). Then, I jump to a 6.5" Omnigrid. It is too hard to line up an edge of a ruler with the edge of fabric, so I went with my 6.5". I already know that my issue will be that the measurements will not be the exact same as in my Block A, because it was measured with the CG.
Sure enough, they are on the tad big side! I guess that makes for cutting down better than being too small.

Here I got all 13 of them sewn together, and used my CG square ruler to size them perfectly. Just a smidge had to be cut off.
Then off to the design board to see what it is looking like!
It is looking fine, and I'm sure the whole view will change when I add the borders in the fabric of the darker paisley fabric. At this point, my blue looks a little bit bright.. I'm hoping it will tone down when I get the border on, but I wish I had chosen a dark blue for the small 9 patch though. I thought it needed more color. Ha. Probably not. It is So hard to pick the fabric knowing how the pieces will be used and get a good idea of how it will look. Guess the mock ups would have told me that, but I didn't do one.

I really like my design board. It is so much easier to get a good view of what is going on. I used to use the floor, but one can only get so far from it to see.. and it isn't very comfy to get up and down.

I made this with a big piece of foam board from Home Depot. (In the lumber dept.) Stapled some white flannel on it, and my dh stapled it to the wall! No one will notice the tiny holes later. (He has a large stapler). Simple, and Oh, So Worth it.

Another Amazon box came today!
I decided I wanted another pin cushion for the ironing board. Now, I have 1 for the sewing machine table, and one for the ironing board.

The SideWinder is for winding all those new bobbins I got.  I didn't want to be unthreading my needle back and forth.

The BobbinSaver is to store the bobbins without them unraveling.

And, that "Command" package is for attaching my cords to the table and wall. I have to unplug my sewing machine, raise the drop table, remove the front storage case, and then open the bobbin case to replace a bobbin and then put it all back together. Often, I can't seem to find my ends of the cords to plug them back in.(both the electric cord and the foot pedal cord). So these will hopefully keep the cords where they need to be.
And Finally:
My Supreme Slider for the free motion quilting. This should help move the fabric across my sewing machine. I'm looking forward to getting to this stage!

I haven't looked too closely, but I think the next class starts with some drafting stuff. It's a good time to get my machine in for some servicing. I'm sorry to say, it's never seen a service man before. I've had it for about 8 or 9 years?  Granted, I haven't used it much over the last 7, but it's seen lots of use this year. I thought that since it is a non lubricated machine (except for the bobbin case which I have oiled) I didn't need to worry about it.

However, I went into the local sewing machine store yesterday to look at some lighting and ask about how come my needle is too far to the left so that it comes too close to my presser foot edge and how can I adjust it. She informed me that every 2 years a machine should come in for servicing and the serviceman may be able to adjust that needle. So, I won't be sewing next week while it gets a tune up.

How often do you get your machine serviced?


  1. Very pretty.

    On the service, I try for yearly, but right now it is a few mos. overdue. I am trying to finish a project before I take it in. I do have a back up, I just prefer my old faithful. Service has become a little expensive, closer to $100.00 than to the $50.00 I used to pay.

    1. Thanks Sandra.
      Oh My, I was not expecting $100. I should have asked them what servicing cost. I don't have a back up machine, so I'm hoping they don't keep it very long :)

      You must do plenty of sewing to warrant every year. Some of the older ones need more lubrication. Are you a fan of the older machines?

  2. I use Nathanael's grandma's machine she bought in the 40's. I've never had it serviced, and she told me the other day she never did, either! I'm sure it would do better with a service, but I fear the gigantic cost to have it done.

    1. Well, that's a long time without any service! But really.. if it is still working, how can it be more work? All the parts need cleaning and oiling whether its been 2 years or 60!
      Then again, the service man might see parts that are worn, and want to change them. I wouldn't tell him how long it's been, if you ever decide to get it in:)

      That's sounds like a special machine you've got. My grandmother had an old Singer with the foot treadle pedal. Sure wish I had that today. I can still see it sitting there in the family room and her sewing on it. Today they have computer parts in them and I'm thinking that once the motherboard goes, it's gone.Yours is mechanical and will probably last forever.

      I'd sure like to wait longer before servicing mine, but I think it needs some work before I start putting it through the tough work of quilting. And, maybe I just won't ask how much it is before I drop it off.

  3. That is looking good! Nice haul of goodies too!! my dh got me a bobbin saver for my christmas stocking this past year! I havn't got one of the sliders yet , have done some Free motion without . but I am thinking i should get one soon.

    I havn't had my machine serviced yet , I got a new one in Oct 2011. but it should probably go in for one soon I think, just because i use it a lot. I do have another very basic Janome that i got in 2007 when my brother machine that i had had since 1978 died a painful broken metal part death :)

    so i am just going to go update my blog..... you will want to check it out


  4. I am just gonna try and post with my wordpress profile.....