Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sewing Machine Maintenance

I'm happy to report my machine has been returned. I was thankful that when I took it in on Monday they were willing to get it back to me on Thursday before the service man took his vacation.

When I picked it up, I got the chance to speak with the actual service man a bit.
The Good News:
  • Even though I did not bring my zig zag throat plate along, he found one on another machine in for service so that he could adjust the timing. Note to self: next time take off the single hole plate and replace it with the standard. Turns out they just didn't sell many of these special plates, and so they don't have spare regulars laying around.
  • He described my Pfaff 2040 as "bullet proof". Nothing was wrong, broken, or needed fixing.
  • When I plugged it in and got it running, it sounds nice, quiet and smooth :)
Bad News:
  • The guy on the phone that told me they could "calibrate my needle to the single hole throat plate was blowing out empty words.  No such adjustment. They use a zig zag plate to adjust things. At least I don't have to figure out if my seam line needs adjusting again.
  •  I spent $100 just for peace of mind. The service man said that as long as this machine is running, I don't really need to have it in. As long as I'm oiling it properly and using it, it should work fine. That's why he called it "bullet proof". When it is broke, he can fix it... I suppose that after 12ish years of having the machine, I shouldn't complain that I just took it in for no particular reason. $100 allocated to 12 years is cheap maintenance expense. Maybe I can get another 12 years? hehehe
The bobbin case is nice and clean again. My thread was shedding too much so I put in my new Presencia 60/3 thread I recently got. I wound my bobbin with the same thread. I even replaced my needle.  I'm sorry to say, I have been neglectful in this aspect.  I almost completed the entire first volume of Quilter's Academy and about 10 projects without ever changing my needle. A nice new one should make a difference, you think?

Here it is. I've got my purple Qtools seam line in front. I moved my piece of masking tape chunk to the back. New thread, needle, and bobbin and now I'm ready to sew again!

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