Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Class 170: Yardage Lessons 1,2,3

On to my next class where we focus on reading a block for yardage requirements.
Lesson 1 was simply terminology that I needed to be familiar with in order to proceed to the next lesson. I think I was already familiar with all of it, or it was all very self explanatory.

Lesson 2 teaches how to "read" blocks and the basic formula for figuring yardage needed. I will probably not memorize the formula, but if I were to use it plenty it would become fairly logical. 

Lesson 3 applies lesson 1 and 2 to the Double Irish Chain Baby Quilt project coming up in this class. I call this lesson the instant gratification of learning. Application. My favorite part, in just about anything. 
Just to keep accountable, I scanned my calculation page, but my pencil didn't show up dark enough. Therefore, I'll spare you my mess.  I did do all the calculations, and came up with the same numbers as in the book. The tricky parts were:
  • Remembering which grid size you're using for going across cut length vs. running  length down the block. 
  • I had to look at and read the explanation for Block B about 10 times before I finally understood how to find 4 different like units. Pay attention. I'm not at all sure I would have figured out that the top units are not the same as the side units on my own. 
I took the plunge, and dropped off my sewing machine at the sewing center for servicing yesterday.  I decided to call first and ask some questions though, hoping to convince myself I didn't need to do this yet. I was informed that servicing a computerized display screen type machine involves opening up the machine and cleaning as well as reset the timing and making adjustments, including calibrating the needle to the new throat plate. This should realign the needle so it isn't off to the side anymore.  I decided that it probably warranted the work just for that, even though I haven't serviced it since I bought it. The cost would be $99.95 + parts. Hopefully, since nothing is broken, I won't need parts. Eeek.  Hopefully, I can get away with another 8 years :) I can pick it back up on Thursday.

After dropping off the machine, I decided since I was out, to start my hunt for fabric for the next project: Carrie's Inlaid Tile Table Runner.

Grrr.Matching the type of fabrics used is not going to happen because I can't find a border fabric that runs parallel to the selvage that is suitable for a table runner.This is what I ended up with. The fabric is from the Kate of Spain line.

Since I can't start the project, I'll save more info about this choice of fabric for later when I post on the project. Please tell me you can guess which will be the border fabric.


  1. I'm guessing the Floral print on the left as you look at the picture. I have some of that line of fabric, i bought it in a layer cake pack and have made some blocks with it for a BOM i did last year. I like the fabrics you chose for the main part of the runner!

    Yeah i had problems with the running / cut length too. since the background fabric for the next quilt hasnt arrived yet and i should finish the baby quilt tonight, I have decided i might go over that lesson again... just to make sure i get it.

    I think you will be happy with you needle being re-aligned and i hope you don't need parts also.


  2. Pretty quick turn around for the machine. Your withdrawal symptoms can soon be sated. You have some great fabrics to try out the repair. Good luck with this project.