Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Carrie's Inlaid Tile Table Runner Finished

Well, after looking at the blocks and different layouts for two days I made the decision to make the blocks into a table runner and 3 place mats.

The table runner ended up a 3x10 block layout which left me enough blocks to make 3 place mats 3x2 which look about right for size.

I have one left over block that I'll use for a practice piece before quilting this project.

I've been racing against time.  It's looking very spring like outside, and the calls are coming in for bids and work.  Looks like my winter time quilting is quickly coming to a slow down.  I'm happy with what I was able to accomplish through this winter and will be very grateful if I can just get the last 2 projects done.  Then, I'm thinking I will have to work on the quilting on the weekends.

Working with my dh is very physical (painting) and I end up as tired as he is at the end of the day. I always wondered how he could come home and fall asleep within 5 minutes of sitting down.  I'm lucky to just keep up with food and shelter needs before I'm heading to bed.

My goal is to finish the final and thus complete Vol. 1  by the end of July. Since I bought QA in August last year, that will make my freshman year 12 months!  Too bad I didn't get started right away, I spent too much time putting together the space and reading.  I don't have Sophmore year vol.2 yet. I plan on purchasing the next year's book when I get to the final exam quilt so that I can start the next volume immediately.

I am very pleased with what I've learned this year out of a book!

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  1. Yaaaaay!! It looks great! The colours are very springlike, which hopefully arrives soon.
    I never thought of placemats, but they look to be about the perfect size!
    Sad to hear your quilting time will be slowing down, but jobs and family come first! And I don't think being physically exhausted goes too well with precision piecing!
    The end of July seems doable as a goal to finish , and a year is probably about right for working through the book.
    I finished piecing my first quilt top from the book on April 7th of last year. and like you after I got the book in January i spent a lot of time reading , setting up , getting supplies and fabric before i actually started sewing. I have marked on each design what day i finished piecing it and will do the same with the borders and finishing. I don't think I will get them all quilted and bound before April 7th so it will be a bit more than a year for me. There was a stretch from about mid Oct to early Jan where i didnt get any sewing from the book done at all.

    Isn't it amazing how much we have learned in that short time though! Setting up your space the way it works best for you is an important part of this journey, according to Harriet!
    I was at a friends yesterday (my quilting buddies)on my lunch and they have all quilted a lot longer than i have.One of them didnt think she had enough fabric for her binding on a quilt and she didn't really know how to do the math to figure it out. so i showed her how to do and she should have enough, barring anything like a cutting error or something.
    I always felt like i didn't know as much as my friends but now i realize I know plenty and have the confidence to speak up and offer an opinion and help someone out.
    I'll be watching for your double Irish Chain baby quilt progress ,,, have you got fabric picked out?

    Take care and again great job!