Thursday, February 7, 2013

Re-visiting the Table Runner project

Carrie Hargrave called me on the phone!

Yes, I emailed Quilter's Academy authors asking for clarification on the instructions for my diagonal ends and torn edges not aligning. (previous blog post)  Here is the response...

1.  Sewing the 4 pieces together to attach to the end of the table runner IS in the weird manner than the seam allowances are on the outside of the seams. Here is the picture after I sewed them on..

Then, I attached to the end of the table runner... and did the cutting 1/4" away from the corners.. Sure enough, the floppy seams SHOULD hide in the seam allowance when I put the border on.  I have one corner though that looks like I might have an issue later.

And then I put the floral print under to get an idea of what it will look like when I get to really finish. (Later when we attach borders)

Although I still really like the floral, I'm still not crazy about the rest of it. oh well.

Which makes me many others find the learning curve of picking fabric to be challenging? 
I find quilting an interesting craft.  Some people are naturally crafty.  They hardly notice the ability to choose colors is a challenge for some. A learned skill.  Then, there is the math side of quilting.  It is tediously precise sometimes.  Do the people who are less color challenged, find it more challenging with the rules of preciseness and constantly measuring seams?

Anyway, back to my conversation with Carrie.

2. When I tore my fabric to align the grain, I was able to fold selvage to selvage without a problem.  Edges lined up. But, when I folded the bottom fold up to the selvage, it was off.  This was her basic answer..
 ...Sometimes, aligning fabric will come once after the first fold.  Sometimes, it will align fine the first fold, and be off on the second fold.  Sometimes, it will be off both times!  Align the fabric with the starch the same way each time, being patient and slow and it will align.
HA. Who would have thought that once you get the grain line to work in the first fold, you would have to start over again for the second fold?

Anyway, I was absolutely amazed that the response to my email was an email requesting my phone number because it was easier to just talk through the problem!   Thank you to the Hargraves for making this home class so accessible to everyone!


  1. Thats Amazing that she called you!! I am glad you got it figured out, although it does look weird when you first sew all those end pieces together doesn't it?! It should be fine with the border added, which looks great by the way. I think i might have a corner on my runner that will give be a bit of grief but will cross that bridge when i get to it.
    Picking fabric IS hard sometimes.. I get an idea sometimes for colours and can't find what i am wanting , very frustrating. I like how we learned to make mock ups of our choices , I think that helps. Although i expect everyone has a fail every now and then LOL
    I've been working away on the Block A's in the double nine patch quilt top, only have 3 totally done, the rest need to be finished up tomorrow evening. A group i belong to is having a fundraising steak and lobster dinner this weekend and the chair of the group, who is a very good friend of mine, lost her mom last night, so a lot of my sewing time this evening was spent emailing and phoning to make sure everything is covered. can't be helped though! aaaaand i have a stress fracture in my right heel and it has been really sore today , so i quit sewing early. sigh! anyways take care


  2. Vicki,
    Sorry to hear about all the hard stuff going on. It's what life is made of sometimes. I'm still having to baby my ankle too. More sewing and less cutting/ironing time should be our goal??

    Yes, I have a feeling that our projects will show great improvement as we master our skill of fabric choices and mock ups.

    In the mean time, enjoy the journey! I'm trying hard to enjoy the learning curve and I remind myself often, it's a hobby! No worries, just be happy! HAHAHA. It's Friday. And, it snowed again last night. I'm going to enjoy the day in the quilting room.

  3. I am so happy that Carrie called you. I met her when I took Harriet's class in 2011. They are both very nice ladies. What a wonderful testament to their series of books that they are so willing to help when someone brings a problem to their attention. I think your table runner looks great and that you will be happy with it after you get the border on. Good luck with the next project.