Sunday, February 24, 2013


I Found My Line

Ok, I'm back to piecing again :)

I must have spent HOURS attempting to get my 1/4" seam to work out.  After I replaced my throat plate with a single hole vs. the zig zag plate I had to move my needle back to the 0 position. This threw off my entire system because I had learned to get my precision by adjusting the needle.

I attempted to just move the tape over because my seam was off 1/8" from seam to edge and a full 1/4" from edge to edge of 2 strips sewn together.
I never could find the right place, and I tried and seam ripped that strip at least 4 times ( It was a full strip I used from both ends). =8 times?

After some room cleaning therapy and a good night's sleep I renewed my enthusiasm for getting this correct and went back to my machine this afternoon.

  1. I got out my graph paper and ran the line until I got it exactly where I wanted it.
  2. I found some masking tape and razor blade in the garage and cut a chunk out of the roll 1/4"w x 4"Lx 1/4" thick and stuck in right next to the graph paper edge. Then I put my red tape on top for visual help.
  3. Ran my test strip through, pressed and measured. I was still just a fraction off.
  4. Moved my tape over just a smidge.
  5. Ripped seam again and reran through the machine, pressed and measured.
  6. Still not right. Measured my strips and I swear my ruler is not the same if measuring vertically and horizontally!! I recut new strips. Repeat again. 
  7. Got it!

I am SO pleased with the results.  I've never had the inside square AND all edges measure with absolute precision all around! Well, I had them good, but it wasn't this easy.
And, it wasn't just this one... All 12 of my little 9 patches are just right :)

I guess it was worth it. I just didn't like the process of getting there.
I must say though, I am really happy with the tape strip running in front of the needle.  I didn't have one before because I used the edge of my 1/4" presser foot. I had to really concentrate on watching it go under the foot.  Tape makes it so much easier because I just have to watch my fabric running along the tape and I'm not even really looking at the needle anymore.
Is that the way it should be?
Anyway, crisis is over. I'm back to sewing. Just in time to go back to work tomorrow morning :)


  1. Glad you got it sorted out!! your square looks great!
    It is so frustrating when things don't work out right isn't it! How do you like the singloe hold throat plate? have you noticed a difference while you were piecing?
    And I think yes that is the way its supposed to be :) at least according to Harriet and Carrie.


    1. I wish I would have dealt with it all in the first place :(
      At the time, it seemed that it was a process even with "just" moving my needle over.

      I haven't noticed a real difference with the new throat plate, yet. I think I've been more attentive to the destruction it caused and how to overcome it. However, after seeing the results and thinking about it, I'm thinking it must be helping. It sure slides over the plate smoothly.