Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I've Been Shopping

There has been a list of items on my want list in order for me to move forward. I've been busy selling extra stuff around the house on Craigslist, and it is all being reallocated to the quilting fund.
Package 1 arrived today:  This is my new thread.  I ordered from Harriet's Treadle Arts. 2 Nylon cones for practicing my quilting along with a few thread sleeves, and 1 Presencia 60/3 in light pewter.  I was thinking the pewter would have been lighter, but it's good anyway. I'm curious to find out if my seam measurements stay the same... 

Package 2: I ordered these from JoAnn online. Since they are made by JoAnn, I would have thought they would carry them in the store, but apparently they are available online only. These gloves are recommended to help hold onto the quilt as I quilt the layers. At least I had a free shipping coupon. I would have rather used the 50% off coupon at the store :)
Ebay Purchase:  Bobbins (and single hole throat plate) purchased for my Pfaff machine. I've been using Signature pre-wound bobbins that match my thread cone. They work great because they last much longer, and I've not needed bobbins or to wind my own.  Now, with the new thread, I'll be winding my own.

WalMart Errand:  These I purchased at the store for storage of fabric. They fit nicely under my cutting table and in the closet. The wheels on the wood floor make them especially easy to access. I attempted to re-purpose 2 of these that currently have loads of LEGO's, but there just doesn't seem to be a better way to store all those little pieces. So, I got new containers.

And, I've been working on the next project. It's the Double Nine-Patch. Just a teaser :
I've finished the 12 small 9 patch blocks. The 4 stacks on left equal 100 pieced units cut and the 2 stacks on the right side are 50 all cut 1 1/2" and ready to sew together.

I have more fun items shipping from Amazon. Stay tuned :)


  1. Oh What FUN! Love accumulating the quilty necessities. Look forward to seeing the nine patches come together. Double Nine Patch Chain? I can't wait to see you learning to quilt on your Pfaff machine. I have tried a few times but not much success at free motion. I still just do straight stitch with my walking foot on small projects. Big quilts go to the longarmer. You may inspire me to try again.

    1. Oh Yes! Fun, Fun, and more Fun to shop with a click of the mouse.

      I have done several quilts with straight stitches or in the ditch. They are fairly easy. I did a nice free motion continuous heart pattern on my son's twin quilt on the border. It was the very first one I did and it turned out ok! I'm really looking forward to doing more of that.

      The last quilt I made was a queen (my first post), and I wasn't even going to consider doing it myself, so I sent it out. I don't want to ever have to do that again.
      1. It was expensive.
      2. It came back wonderful, but it didn't feel like it was mine.
      3. I want to do the quilt from start to finish.
      So, I'm working my way through both books.. Quilter's Academy for the piecing, and Machine Quilting and a few other resources for the quilting.

      I hope you get inspired to work at it some more.. I'm convinced that we can do this with just our regular ole DSM's. Practice, Practice, Practice.

  2. Nice haul of stuff!!!! I have a pair of machingers and love them.
    I might try the presencia thread now that i know where to get it :) I'll be interested to see how it affects your seam allowances.
    those storage units are great arn't they! the ones you got should hold a lot! I have a set of smaller ones,but its very tall, I got it at a garage sale and i use it for fat quarters and other pre cuts like charm packs etc.

    Have you read ahead to class 180 where we do the borders? I have been trying to figure out if we are supposed to add borders , then move on the final exam? or add borders, quilt and bind then on to the final? or what?
    I have emailed to Harriet and Carrie last week and again on sunday with no response :(
    what do you think we are meant to do?