Sunday, February 3, 2013

"Completed" Table Runner

Here is the assignment from the book:

Here is my runner as it lays on the board:
I'm still hoping to figure out how to attach the pointy ends, otherwise my runner will end up short. I will probably send an email to Quilter's Academy and update you all later. I'm disappointed that I didn't choose a lighter value green. This darker green, although it is a fine match with my floral, is too dark, and brings out the "square" too much as compared to the example in the book.

As always, we attach borders later.  This border will be in the same print as the large floral.

I also took note of what to watch for when sewing my rows together.  Harriet talks about making sure that you send the raw edge of a butted seam through first, when you can. Like this:
I found that the seams running this way push the corners into each other better than if the raw edges are running down the same way I'm sewing. Which is why I think I had the untidy corners.  The problem is... every other row is always running the wrong way!  Those rows take extra care.

Lessons learned on this project:
  1. Read the entire lesson for the project before starting anything.  I didn't realize until way late the key words, "if you decide to create the diagonal ends..."  as if there was a choice! 
  2. Mock-ups shall be done in real fabric from here on out.
  3. Pay attention to which way seams are running. I may want to sew from different ends, not simply in order top to bottom in same direction each time.
  4. Steam helps set the seams.
  5. Unpicking sewed seams takes time and is no fun.
Next lesson is another project!

I think that this particular project is a bit ambitious for Year 1!  There is so much going on with different angles.
Update:  See my post on trying to finish this thing!  THIS IS WAY TOO HARD AS WRITTEN.

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  1. It's looking great Dawn! The dark green is more pronounced in yours than the one in the book, but i still think it looks fine.

    I nearly always pin when my seam allowance is not feeding in edge first. and i sew right up to it and leave the needle down when i take it out so nothing can shift. Doesn't prevent all misalignments but it does help a lot>
    and yes un picking seams does take so much time and is absolutely no fun at all!
    my goal would be to make one thing without having to unpick a single block :)