Friday, January 18, 2013

The New Start with an Old Blog

My Quilting History 

I took a quilting class WAY back.  Maybe 1995?  I quickly proceeded to take on some ambitious projects.  I never seem to learn how to start small and work my way up.

I made Zach a train quilt to fit his twin bed. Then made Josh a twin airplane quilt that I designed myself. Zach's quilt is long gone now, worn to threads. Josh still has his, under his comforter for extra warmth. 

I next moved on to start a queen size patriotic quilt for our bed and got all the squares done, but not put together. Life got too busy and it got put away, stored, and moved in 2007. 

I also started a fall colored Thimbleberries quilt kit and got as far as 2 squares and had to quit as my skills were not quite far enough to make this quilt look the way it should. It also got moved with us.

In 2012 I found my started "projects" and decided I was going to get them finished.  So, after having to refer to my class notes often, I got the top finished for the patriotic, but it was clear that I was going to need some refreshing on my piecing and quilting skills. I sent out the top to be quilted by a professional just so it would be a finished project.  (excuse the smudge on the camera lens!)

Since classes are sometimes difficult to get to, make time for, and pay for, I decided to go the route of a true homeschool mom.  I bought a book and decided it was a perfect way to work my way through at my own speed. I chose this one because it is detailed and project oriented. Just my style.
I hope to document my way through the series as well as our outdoor journeys exploring our home state of Idaho.

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