Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Behind the Scenes Stuff

I still don't have fabric for the next project.  I've been selling off homeschooling books no longer used, and was able to win several auctions of fabric on Ebay.  Now, I. Just. Need. To. Be. Patient. Ebay has many quilt shops selling off Out Of Print fabric lines.  Nice quality for nicer prices. Of course, I will be very happy if all the fabrics I chose on a computer screen actually work together and look like my monitor said they did!

Last week, I took a mis-step off a landing at the job, and twisted my foot.  Seems fairly sprained so I've been hobbling around, but much more sitting than normal. Then, my son brought home a Sick Bug. He shared it with me.  We got MORE snow these last 3 days, so here I sit, WISHING even more for fabric to work on my next project. What a terrible time to be without fabric :(  Harriet talks about fabric in the next class.  Of course she mentions two types of quilters. Those like her that have STASH and pick from it to make the next quilt. Then, there are those like her daughter Carrie, that buy fabric for a particular project.  That's me.  My only stash is the left overs that I buy extra of. 

Sitting in my sewing room and looking around, I got to wondering what all those lines were for on my Creative Grid rulers, and wondered why there were no instructions that came with it.  Did ya know??  They have a web site, with videos on how to use each kind of ruler! Curiosity won this time.

I picked up the QA book, and wondered what else I could work on, without fabric.
First, I read ahead, All About Fabric.  I think I've read that Lesson 3 times now.  Maybe it will sink in some day. 
Next, I used my grid paper and made the "mock-up" drawing part for the Country Lanes Table runner that is next up.  First, I made the grid ready for the fabric mock up. All I'll need to do then is make photo copies of the fabric and paste.  Then, I realized that the table runner is 66" long, before the borders.  I got out a measuring tape, and discovered that is TOO long!  My table is 70". I don't really need a runner that hangs off the edges.  So, I sat and put my new found drafting skills to work, and shortened the measurement to approx 40" and did all the calculations to determine how many strips of fabric to cut.  I'm ready, and waiting. Again.

But, this time, I went back to Ebay, and ordered the fabric for the following project too!  I'll have to be getting fabric ahead of the projects.

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  1. Looking forward to seeing pictures of the fabric that is on it's way to your "stash".