Friday, January 18, 2013

Class 130:Accurate Sewing

The nitty gritty that isn't necessarily the fun part, but it's what makes the quilt fit together right.  And, this is where I went wrong in my previous quilting, so despite my urge to skim this lesson, I'm going to pay attention.

Lesson 1: Threads and Needles:
I'm working with the standard 75/11 needle, and ordered some 100% 50/3 cotton thread online that came with pre-wound bobbins. Should make things a little easier.

Lesson 2: Measuring seam guide accuracy (aka seam allowance)
Yes, I used graph paper and checked my 1/4" presser foot, and sewed along that paper and found that I needed to move my needle over 1. Now, they say this is not recommended, however, it does not create an off-center needle, nor is it affected by my throat plate. So, I'm going to have to remember every time I turn on my machine that the needle needs to move over 1 press of my button. Otherwise, I do not have 1/4" between edge and needle.

Lesson 3: I tested my settings out on a real piece of fabric, and wa-la!  Amazing how perfect the measurements make perfect pieces.

Lesson 4: Pressing:
Blah. I hate to iron. I can see that that attitude has also affected my finished blocks because when I actually work with the starch and press like the instructions, WOW! What a nice flat square I get! Ok, this is another area that was not emphasized and will make a huge difference as I go along.

Lesson 5-6: Lets sew a Sampler square!
This is using fabric from my stash.  Thankfully, I have some fabric that should be able to accomodate all the sampler squares throughout this volume.   I can see that these lessons have made a huge difference in the finished product, but I still need to slow down and pay attention. Quilt in a Day, anyone?  HAHAHAHA. Not this way.

Next up is my First Quilt Project

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  1. Like you I need to slow down and absorb the information provided in the book. I had a heck of a time getting my 1/4" correct. I have my sampler all cut out, strips sewn together, and cut into 5" blocks. This weekend I will learn to chain piece and sew together.