Friday, January 18, 2013

Class 120: All About Fabric

Next class on the list is fabric basics.  This is where the info is so much easier for me to process in a book than it is in a class.  I don't remember ANY of this being taught in the class.  There is just not enough time to get all the details with so many people and so much to learn in such a short time. Or, maybe I was just ready to get to the fun stuff.  Anyway, I like having the colored pictures and clear descriptions for me to refer back to.

  • I'm going to attempt to tear my fabric from now on to find the straight grain line. 
  • I do not prewash my fabric. 
  • I bought a small spray bottle for water and a can of starch (I find starch comes in handy for  chapel shirt too!)
  • I will need to get a 2.5x12.5 ruler.


  1. It is a big debate. There is no right or wrong though and really a matter of preference and style of quilting. I like the feel of the stiffer fabric that has not been washed. It's easier to cut, sew and press. I also have a lot of 1930's reproduction fabric and it would only look correct if shrunk after final quilting.