Sunday, January 20, 2013

Class 150: Beginning Drafting

Lessons 1,2 & 3 all involve the basics of grid sizes and drafting. I admit to you now, I would have skipped over this stuff (and all previous lessons like this I did skip) had it not been that I am holding myself accountable to doing ALL the lessons by blogging them here. I also admit I have not calculated my own yardage with previous assignments. I have a more recent book where the mistakes have been edited out, and I've been relying on the instructions. Since I do like to design my own projects, I figure this is something I should not be skimming over.

Hence, today I present my drafting lessons:
First one was very simple. I did not find anything challenging with this one, other than hunting down my colored pencils that had been stored away deep in the office shelves. This was a 9 patch  (3x3grid) and is Carrie's Cowboy Corral quilt, which I did in a Bird motif.

Next was a "more complex quilt". It is the Interlacing Circles and is also a 9 patch (3x3 grid) I purposely chose to do this in greens rather than the reds shown in the book because I wanted the extra challenge of not copying the model. After coloring in all these blocks, it's starting to get tedious and I think I'll skip trying it out in different variations of colors as suggested.
The third drawing is a "combined quilt" This one is a 5 grid model and I wasn't sure I was supposed to actually color it in or not.  It asked us to draw it out and not include any seam lines. I did that, but I could hardly see the pencil lines, so I colored it in most of the way. I left 2 rows empty, in case I need to come back and do something else with it.
The next lesson (#4) is a mock up of a table runner. Since I have no fabric stash to work with, I need to wait until I can get to the store. :(
I did find a Craigslist ad today that lists dresser drawers FULL of fabric from a quilter. I hope to get over there and take a look. It doesn't sound like it is fabulous quality stuff, but it would give me a variety to work with.  Until next time,

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