Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thanks for all the Birthday cards!

It's that time of year again... Happy Birthday to me. It's nice to get a mailbox with personal letters, cards, and phone calls. Thank you family :)

I'm taking it easy this week. Over the weekend Dave and I went for a dirt bike ride and I met more than dirt. A log decided to trap me between it and my bike, I'm one handed this week. I got x-rays, and we're thankful that it is just muscle/tendon/tissue damage. Pain pills and ice do wonders.

The boys have off wed-sun this week too so I'm not working, and I didnt make it to bible study or the gym this week. So, its really been a different week. My gym buddies suspected my injury when I didnt show up because I've yet to miss a day in 4 months, except the first week when I had another motorcycle mishap. All I can say is it still is way more fun than staying home!

My job search has slowed down too, since I'm not anxious to explain how I should be able to do things. I am working on an online tutoral for Microsoft Office programs to sharpen my 2007 skills. I havent used the newer version in many years and i'm sure that put me at the disadvantage on the last interview. That wont happen again.

I finished another book on my 888 list. I'm doing good with my daily bible reading, and hope to be able to keep moving along my list. I think my next book to read on the list will be CS Lewis.

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