Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

I surprised the boys with pumpkins when they came home from school yesterday. Josh decided he wanted to do other outside stuff and Zach chose the larger pumpkin and the skull and cross bones. He did a pretty good job. I ended up carving up the smaller one here. The afternoon was perfect for sitting outside and enjoying the craft and weather.

It's been a full week. Monday night I had my first Bible Study Leaders meeting. I'm leading the 4th group for our Wednesday morning coffee break bible study at church. Wednesday our group was about half of the group that volunteered to move over, but we still had 6. That evening the boys had their youth group meeting at the Corn Maze. Dave and I took them and sat and drank hot cider waiting for them. It was cooler than we thought, but at least we were dressed better than most of the kids. There were plenty of them wearing shorts and T-shirts!

I had orientation at the school district on Thursday morning, and was disappointed to find out that there are so many subs in the system that most aren't working and the ones that are get 2 days per month, on average. "Don't expect to pay your bills on this" they said. Ugh. I guess it would take me a long time to get on the preferred list that most of the subs use. They said that 96% of the sub jobs go to a prearranged substitute that the teacher has used before rather than the system we get dumped into. Thankfully, Dave has been working most days these past 2 weeks. He's been doing at least 6 sprinkler blow-outs / day. Nice thing about that is..... EVERY house needs to get it done. There are plenty of houses to go around. For those down south who have no idea what that means, irrigation/sprinkler lines will freeze during the winter with our winter weather, so we need to blow the water out of the lines. Makes for good Fall work.

Dave and I went mountain biking this week. It was probably the last one for the season. I'm not really ready to ride yet, my arm wasn't even strong enough for me to use it to get up on the pedals, nor could I hold the handlebar in a customary way. It was nice to get out though even if I had to walk the bike down the steep parts of the hill.

I've been working on the photo albums this week. I'm making progress, and that is encouraging.I should be able to post a page for you to see here... maybe next post I'll drop you a peek.

Josh and Dave got their first taste of school projects. Josh had a science project due today, in which it must be a funcioning "mousetrap" type set up, using all simple machines. He used a pulley, lever and hmmm.... I'll have to think about the other one, all to cut a piece of paper. Dave dropped them off at school today, since the regular carpool is off to Idaho Falls participating in the State Championship volleyball tournament. Before we pick them up today, we're stopping at the big snowboard sale to see if we can get a deal on bindings for the snowboard we picked up earlier. We are anticipating some winter sporting soon! The motorcycles are are under the battery tender expecting to be stored most of the winter.

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