Friday, September 26, 2008

My Little Red Scooter

This is my new transportation. A 2005 Honda Metropolitan. It gets about 90 mpg but only goes 40 mph on a good day. A good day is wind at the back and a hill going down. I'm also in my "school work uniform." I've been working every day at Les Boise Jr. High. It's a 26 mile round trip ride so I figure it costs me less than a $1 on this scooter. That's important because they don't pay enough to drive a real car. My shifts are only 2-3 hrs. long and at $8.50 it seems hardly worth it. But, I'm aiming for the Verizon phone discount, remember? Govt. discount to all employees. And, No... I don't ride dressed like this. I have a helmet, gloves, and jacket. I even like to wear a reflective vest when traveling further than the corner gym.
I have wished for a Vespa for years, and they still make them. The problem is they are expensive and I can't imagine that I would ever drive enough to make up for a $5,000 scooter. They have a new one that is a remake of a 1979 model, but it's still $3,000 as used. I've noticed people have scooters for sale, and they ask way more than Blue Book Value because they are sold out every where. I guess they are a HOT item when gas prices get so high. I've been waiting for a deal, and this one came along. The Honda dealership told me that I could probably drive this for 3 years and still sell for at least what I paid, if not more. Now that's a deal! Of course, it will get a little chilly in the winter and I'm more a fair weather type, so I'll probably have to put it away soon.

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  1. The scooter looks a lot like the Vespa I had in 1959 t0 1964! It was great! You'll probably be more careful than I was. In those days, who thought about helmets?