Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mom Visits

Happy Birthday Mom!

We had a fun filled, activity packed weekend. We only had 2 days, and beautiful weather to do everything we had planned. Saturday we got up "early" after a tiring week and the boys just wanted to sleep in.

We got to the Farmer's Market downtown and browsed and sampled and purchased a few choice items. I love my Huckleberry syrup and vinegrette dressing!

Then, we walked up 8th street while the guys dropped off the food items at the truck to keep cool and out of our hands.
We stopped at the STICKS art gallery where Steve made a purchase for himself, and Mom bought us this really cute mirror for Birthday/Christmas gifts for Dave and I for the rest of our lives. Thanks Mom! It fits the entry wall just perfect and it gets lots of fun comments too.

We continued up 8th street until we reached the Julia Davis Park where there was Art in the Park festivities. We ate, browsed the booths, made purchases and left he boys sitting on the grass waiting for us. I'm sure Steve stocked up on postcards, while Dave and I spent another $15 on a real nice key chain holder. Holds all the keys! and is so "Idaho" like.

Then, we needed to go back and get the truck to bring it over to the other side of the river so we wouldn't have to walk so far after our show. For Mom's birthday, we took her to the Terry Fator show at the Morrison Center. He's the one that won the America's Got Talent show last year. He had a fun show! Everyone enjoyed it, and he did a great job with his puppets and singing, and was truely funny. We didn't get home until almost 11pm. It was a full day downtown.

Sunday morning came along, and we dragged the boys out of bed again, and headed off to Idaho City. We were aiming for lunch and ice cream cones and just browse through the old mining town. Along the way we stopped at this old bridge and were amazed at how few boats were enjoying the lake on such a beautiful day. We're anxious for Patrick to get here from AZ this fall so that we can boat with him next year :)

We did make it finally to Idaho City where we immediately went to lunch at Donna's Place. We sat outside to take advantage of the perfect temperature. Then, off to the gift shops so Steve could buy more postcards. Then we wandered the streets looking at the old buildings. After about an hour of that we were ready for ice cream cones so we headed back to the diner and enjoyed yummy Blue Bunny ice cream, Dave's favorite.

We got home early enough to make some dinner at home, and then get the boys ready for school the next morning. Mom and Steve left just before 6am for the 14 hr. drive back home. The boys were off to school and I went and did my gym workout then came home and took a nap!

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  1. Hey, Dawn, How about sending us these pictures on e-mail. We'd love to get prints of them!