Monday, September 22, 2008

Interview Over, Now Wait

I drove straight from the Jr. High cafeteria to the Ada County Courthouse and waited for my interview. I was a little stressed over it. It's the first one in 19 years. I was also underdressed, since I wore my cafeteria uniform with a quick switch of shirt in the bathroom.

I was introduced to the elected official Treasurer, along with 2 other ladies. It was a little bigger of a deal than I was anticipating. They informed me that 80 people applied for this job! 5 of us are getting the privilege of interviewing. That boosted my confidence for a moment. Then they asked a load of questions. I felt like I did ok and when they were done they handed me a test! Yes, a 3 page test on basics (or not so basic) Word, Excel and english grammar. Ugh.
It might have been multiple choice, but I'm rusty. I guessed at 3 of the answers, and now that I look at the menu for Word, I see I missed one that I thought I had right. Oops. But, looking in my dictionary, I'm thinking the 2 words I guessed at I got right. Hmmm.... I wonder if I'll ever know??

They had one remaining interview for tomorrow and hoped to be able to get back to us afterwards or by Wed. Until then, I wait for news. Good news is that benefits start 30 days after working, and I can start in just 2-3 weeks.

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  1. Thanks for calling. I'm really sorry you didn't get the job! I'm praying now that something good happens and they find that they really need you in a better job they just found out they need. Or, at least, David gets a real good job right away.

    All our love to you all.