Saturday, September 20, 2008

I Get the Interview!

I was so disappointed on Thursday morning when I saw that the job posting with the Treasurer's Office had been removed. The FAQ said that we would get an email if they were not interested in our application, and a call to schedule an interview if they were. I had gotten neither. I scootered all the way to work that morning praying that God would will it to happen.

I went off to work at the cafeteria and Dave called by 10 am that I had gotten a call from the Treasurer's Office! Whoo Hoo! I was just about bursting the rest of my morning.

Immediately after getting home I called them back and got an interview for Monday at 2. Pray hard for me. We could really use this job, and I think it would be a perfect reintroduction back into the work force. It's part time 25 hrs. per week with full govt. benefits. I know, only government would do that. The catch is that I work full time up to 16 weeks of the year during tax time. Since that is Dave's slowest time for work, it should work out fine with the boys. We need the benefits. Well, need is relative and since we've had none in 14 years, I don't know that we "need" them. But they sure would make life easier.

I had a full week substituting at the Jr. High this week, and they asked me back for next week. They have a permanent spot to fill and were hoping I would apply for the job. But, it is hard work, back breaking, and my hands are bleached dry and I feel like I'm volunteering for the money they pay. There are no benefits either. Sorry Les Bois. I'm starting to feel like I need to go back to what I was experienced in to make the best use of my time and get paid for it. This tax clerk job comes closest to what I think I can handle. We'll see if they think so on Monday.

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