Monday, August 11, 2008

Weekend Riding

Saturday Dave went riding with the Full Throttle Christian Dirtbikers, a local group we found out about. He went up to the mountains, same ones we ski on in town, and let the advanced guys really humble him. Dave is much better than any of us that have been riding together (aka, us and the neighbors) but when he was compared to these guys he got left behind dumping his bike so many times he lost count. I think he finally got a dose of what we all have felt like riding behind him! This picture is just one of the advanced type of obstacles. Needless to say, he was tired when he got home.

Sunday, Dave and I went up to Idaho City to check out the "Ladie's Choice" ride. Ladies choose the ride, place and pace. Guys come by invite only. The early ride was "Intermediate" and since I told the gal that I probably wasn't intermediate she was so kind to have a second ride after they had already rode 3 hours. I did really well, dropped it only once while Dave saw ground twice. The course was fairly challenging, I just couldn't keep up a fast enough speed to make it to the "intermediate" category. So, they named me "novice". Not beginner, but not comfortable enough to be intermediate. I was amazed at the speed these gals could handle!

The drive to Idaho City is beautiful. There is a stream winding along the road up through the mountains. The green trees were wonderful, and it was so much cooler than down where we live. The road wasn't much of a mountain road though, so easy to get there. It was about 1 hr from our house to parking the truck. We attempted to stop and eat at this nice little diner in town, but found out we didn't have the time. Next time we'll take the boys up and enjoy a whole day up there.

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