Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Sleepwalking Device

This is our new gadget I found online to help us at night while we're sleeping and someone else may be sleeping but also doing other things.

We had a scare. We knew Zach made his way around the house in his sleep, but it has always been just to move to the couch or go to the bathroom, maybe change his clothes. This particular time, it was our neighbors who alerted us that they had a strange visit. At 2:30am! Ringing their doorbell! They were very confused that day when they confronted us about it and we were clueless. I guess we need to keep him home during the night!
This handy device will alert us when anyone goes down the stairs, or comes across its path from any direction for that matter. It works too. The receiver doorbell chime goes off in our room.
So, we will rest assured now that everyone is in their place where we left them, or we will know fairly quickly when they are not.

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