Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Idaho Fair

This weekend was the last of the fair (there are only 2 weekends). Since everyone was sick last weekend and school started midweek, we hadn't yet been to see the fair. We didn't get here in time for it last year. By the way, Aug. 15 marks our 1 yr. anniversary of moving to Boise!

Josh went to the youth group pool party Sat. It was a time for the incoming 9th graders to meet the other high schoolers. We took him over at 3:30 and we was brought back home at 9:30 that night by someone who lived in this direction.

That left Zachary, and he just wanted to sit and veg on the couch. So, Dave and I went together Sat afternoon. It was a nice time, although it was 100 degrees. I think we've only had about 5 days of over 100 this summer, and it just had to be one of these days. We enjoyed watching the dogs compete for the longest jump into a splash pool. Aussies were taking the lead when we moved on. We had a huge tasty "Saladman" dish of grilled veggies on a bed of lettuce.

We bought some household and car polish. Today I have been testing it out, and polished everything in all 3 baths. Mirrors, tubs, showers, toilets, shower doors, sinks, faucets..... Everything feels so nice and clean and smooth! I love helpful gadgets like that. My arms will be sore from the circular motions up over my head though.

I watched with lust over the demonstration of the professional pressure cooker. How I would love to cook beans from dry in 40 minutes. Or full chickens in 20. But, at $280 for a size that would also can quart jars, I figured we would come back next year and drool some more. There was a booth giving out brochures on a class at BSU learning to can. I've always wanted to learn to can. The neighbor gal said that she buys crates of fruits from the local orchard, and cans 300 quart jars of pears and 300 peaches! I'm not sure where I would store all those, myself. But, I'd love to have some of the fresh summer fruits/veggies to last into the winter.

It's only Tues, and I've finished a whole book on my 888 list, and working on the next in the Hannay series by Buchan. These are fun mystery/thriller type books from the early 1900's. Great literary quality for the genre. There are 5 in the series. I've only been able to come up with the first 4. And I'm reading number 2 now.

Dave is off working in Nampa, so yesterday the boys got a treat, and he picked them up soon after school was over. We noticed the carpool car came home at 6:30 last night! Those are long days.

I haven't been called to sub for the lunch room at the school district, so I'm getting plenty done around the house. But, Dave was talking with his customer in Nampa about me, and it may work out that she needs a bookkeeper for her coffee shop, and for her husband's construction business. She also thought that she knew enough other small businesses that I could keep myself busy enough making a nice tidy income from them all. I'm anxiously awaiting for her to call me when she gets off work! It would sure beat the lunch room dish washing! My only hesitation in getting regular clients as such is that they continue to do business when it is vacation and break time from school. I hate to be having to work when the boys are home. I'll have to be very picky in choosing some clients. But, I suppose I should use my previous skills that can make some decent income for us. I'm sure it will be another slow winter for Dave.

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  1. I can not believe you have been gone a year. Time flys way tooo fast. I am thrilled you are doing so well. Next time you come to CA please visit us. Kathleen