Thursday, August 7, 2008

Josh is Brace Free!

The Big Day: Josh gets his braces off. His teeth look really straight, and white. The Orthodontist awarded him with a bottle of sparkling cider and a bag of all those candies he said were not allowed with braces. Josh hasn't even opened them, nor do I think he is interested. He just isn't a candy eater after 2 years of prohibition. Silly... I don't think he was ever a candy eater. He says his teeth feel good and slimy. Just the way they are supposed to feel after 2 years of braces.
He got a permanent retainer wire on the bottom row of teeth. This permanent was defined as in it doesn't come out for temporary eating satisfaction. It remains there for 8 years though, which almost makes it permanent! He gets a removable upper retainer. I think he picked some type of picture rather than color. He only donated molds of his teeth for that one, and will get the actual next week.
We headed off to the Dentist today, and after having all our lives spoiled and well taken care of by Brother Dr. Mike, seeing a bill is stroke material. Josh had one cavity in a molar. He needed Xrays of just the molars, full cleaning, flouride and sealant in the molars for his deep grooves. Even after I arranged for 50% cash discount, the bill was $528!! Ugh. Is that real?
Son, those are mighty expensive pearls you're wearing there.

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