Monday, April 28, 2008

The First Ride

Well, I forgot to take the camera. We were all excited to be fully dressed and out in open space.

I did get a picture of Zach's arm, after our ride. He took a dump right after we unloaded his bike and before we even had the others off the trailer. Ambition is sometimes hasty. Thankfully he wasn't going very far very fast. He simply didn't know how to balance when he hit an uneven place with his front wheel going so slow. He has broken in the new bike, it has rub marks just as bad. We hope Zach heals without scarring. The bike will just have to live with it. We were hoping to have some time before we needed to find elbow and knee guards, but guess we'll get them sooner than later!
Besides getting off on the slower side, we all had a great time. We went with the neighbors so there was a nice group of us. The area we went to, Pleasant Valley, is south of Kuna, just south of the prision. We literally stayed on our same Cloverdale that we live off of for miles, then took the road to the left and went a few miles, and we were there. It wasn't crowded, but there were plenty of other people there. Nothing like Galamis where we know thousands go to ride their ATV's in CA and surrounding states.

Once we got out there, I was surprised how fast the kids were comfortable with going. I brought up the rear, to be sure no one got left behind with a bike they couldn't get started. Well, ok, I wasn't going to go that fast, and neither was Zach after his fall, so we were definately slower. So, when we caught up, they would take right off. So much for stopping and resting! We all slept in late this morning. Guess riding a bike is good exercise!
Dave has plenty of work this week and next. He'll be working on Saturday, but hopefully we can take them back out on Sunday next week.

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