Saturday, April 12, 2008

A Beautiful Spring Day

Well, last weekend was starting to look like Spring was here, then on Monday we woke up to snow! What a surprise. Thankfully, it was gone by noon, and the weather continued to grow warmer.
Today is 74 degrees! You should see the people come out of their homes and start working on their yards with temperatures like this.

We decided to go to the Foothills Festival this morning. We missed the hot air balloon launch at 7am, but saw one balloon giving "rides", tethered on a rope up and down. The admission line was long. So, we we were looking at the crafts, then through some houses and when we came out, the balloon was packed up and done! Turns out it was a developer's magical way of bringing people out to look at homes! Free admission, farmers market (that didn't show up) craft fair, hot air balloon rides, free BBQ (but not until later and we weren't going to sit around and wait, birdwatching guided tours, and a free Trek mountain bike loan for a premier tour of the new mountain bike race track. Mainly, it was all centered around the open houses. So, what we thought would take a few hours, was a pit stop to another area I had never seen that Dave thought I should. A quaint little town of Hidden Springs, on the other side of those foothills. But, again, it was just a car tour around the small town, and back home we came.

At least we got back up to Eagle for the first time since we got here last fall. I'm anxious to get out and see some of our area, now that the snow should be finished. Bogus Basin Ski resort closes tomorrow in honor of Spring. The mountain is still FULL of snow, but they've had such a great season, they figure why stretch it!

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