Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Nampa Christain School Tour

Well, we did it. We drove to Nampa, and toured the Elementary/Middle School, then over to the High School, which is another 2 miles down the road.

Zach would be in 6th grade, which is considered Middle School. This is nice considering he will be integrated with kids his age, since he will be one of the oldest in his class. His class would be about 23 kids and they switch teachers for History and Reading. The school is a converted barracks, and is indoors. It will work nicely next year when they move the kids around to use up the space that the High School kids left empty in January when they moved to the new campus. They have a gym and sports fields.

The High School campus opened in January, and is a very large, brand new beautiful building. You won't see bathrooms like these at most high schools around where we came from! They have a very large gym, but until it gets fully funded, they won't have the wood floors put in. They have lots of land, ready to build baseball and football fields, hopefully for next year. Josh is expecting to enter this school as a 9th grade freshman.

Overall, the boys are really excited about the hopes of attending these schools. They saw serveral people we know from Church. We need to figure out the logistics of carpooling (it is 16 miles away) and funds for tuition and all the extras that get added up when going outside of the house to school (like clothes and shoes instead of barefeet and sweats).

I think we will visit Cole Valley Christian later this week, just for comparison sake. It is only 4 miles away.

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