Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Family Week

Dave's folks have been visiting for the last 10 days. It was a nice time. We visited some places that we hadn't yet seen, like Lucky Peak Reservoir and the Snake River. We hope to learn to water ski this year up at the dam.
The Snake River also has plenty of water, and maybe we can squeeze in a river rafting trip when the water is warmer.

The folks also got a mini tour of Nampa High School. We had our screening and evaluations last week for the boys. Both were accepted and both are excited for next year. Zach has lots of math to work on this summer. They gave us a 5th grade book to work on and he'll be re-evaluated at the end of the summer to see how he has done.

There was lots of time to just enjoy sitting on the front porch and watching the late sun sets.
We had 2 birthdays, and one anniversary during the week too.
Now, Dave is preparing for driving down to CA for some special customers and their painting projects. We hope he doesn't stay too long, we'll miss him!

Zach's arm healed just fine, thanks to the tip of using Bag Balm. It's the miracle stuff!

I'm leaving you with a picture of our dogs, when they can't come out front with us, they are still there!

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