Saturday, January 5, 2008

Vacation Fun!

What Fun we've had! Wednesday night we decided to take the boys to indoor kart racing. WOW. We thought we enjoyed laser tag, but kart racing beats that. It was buy 2 races and get a third free night, so we got plenty of driving in. These cars are fast, and the track is for racing. I was impressed with how well the boys did for their first time driving. We asked the neighbors if they wanted to come along, since they have another boy staying with them this week. We ended up being the only ones there and had the track to ourselves.

Thursday night we went snow tubing at Bogus Basin. We've been wanting to get up there to see where we will be skiing and snowboarding these next couple of months. Turns out they have a tubing hill and the boys thought the ride up on the rope tow was just as fun as going down the 800 ft. hill. We attempted to get tickets for the afternoon, but when I realized they recocommended advanced reservations, I clicked on the "buy tickets" and found out they only had 6 tickets left for 4-6pm. How nice to be able to do it all online. Then, just an hour before we were leaving, the neighbor boy came over to play and when he found out where we were going, he mentioned he did that the day before and wished he had googles because of the wind and snow in the face. I quickly called Dave and had him bring home 4 pair. We were very happy to have had them because it was a breeze going down the fast hill with face protection! Snow and wind in the face would make for not nearly as much fun. As the picture above shows, we bundled up. Being warm and dry meant more fun despite the late tubing time. They turned on the lights about 5 pm and I'm sure the only difference between daytime and nighttime would have been temperature. Our warmest time of the day is between 4-5pm!

I'm sure we'll be doing both activities again.

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