Tuesday, January 15, 2008


We did it! We had our first skiing lesson on Friday. We went to Bogus Basin. It is just 30 minutes out of town, in the local mountains. The facility is really nice and the snow was great.

The boys were in the same class of beginners, while Dave and I were in another group that got split up by ability, so we ended up in different classes. I hadn't ever seen Dave ski, but he must have skied some because he threw out his skis and poles when we were cleaning out to move. He figured equipment has probably changed in 25 years. It most definatley has.

The boys learned to stand up from a ground position, how to walk on their skis, how to snow plow, and how to ride the chair lift.
Josh seemed to do fine with the newness of it all. Zach decided it was punishment to take the day off of school and go skiing. I guess there was a new snowboarder that ran him over while he was down in the snow. Turns out he was also coming down with a cold, because he woke up Saturday morning sick, which probably means that he wasn't in his best ability in the cold, being tested in his resolve to stand up going down a hill on 2 sliding feet. We're hoping he will enjoy it more this coming Friday when we have our number 2/3 lesson.

Dave's class worked in refining their movements and parallel skiing. My class worked on learning to get down the mountain standing up. First thing we had to do was learn how to get up after a fall. Being that my knees have had some major problems in the last couple of years, this was a challenge. I resolved to NOT fall down after I found out how hard it was to get up. And, I succeeded.
Since Zach wasn't enjoying himself, we went home after our lesson and lunch. Next week we hope to stay a while and practice having fun!

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