Tuesday, January 8, 2008


What is 888? It was something I heard about on the Well Trained Mind message board, a homeschooling website I like to frequent, probably too much .

Anyway, the premise is easy. Read 8 books in 8 categories of your choice in 2008, equals 888. It lends to being more rounded in the choices. I need that. I tend to read all non-fiction with Christian interspersed. This will really help me to pick some other things, and make time for the fun stuff. I've always been a big mystery fan, and yet haven't read any in a LONG time.

It will take me a few days just to pick the categories and the books that will go on my list. Most of my books, maybe all of my books, are in the garage, unpacked from our move. I have no bookcases yet. However, I'm NOT going to let this deter me from getting on the band wagon.
Care to join me? Make up a list of 8 categories and the 8 books you'll read within each category. Then, we'll check them off as we go. I've included the link to the "rules" and there are lots of helpful examples there too. (click on 888 above). I'll post my list in the next week or so. Remind me if you don't see it :)

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