Friday, May 29, 2015

Vol 2 Sampler Poject

 My finished Pieced Sampler :
We began this sampler in Vol. 1 as our learning piece to test our 1/4" seam, pressing, cutting, etc.. before venturing into the actual projects of quilt tops.
We start Vol. 2 with setting our small 9 patches into diagonal sets (the ones you see floating in white) and then assembling all the completed blocks together.
Here are the diagonals I just completed.

Many look through Vol 2 in a cursory view and see much of the same thing and think vol 2 is full of review: 9 patch, rail fence and strips made into squares. What they don't realize is all the projects are now set on point in a diagonal.

The challenge now becomes BIAS edges and LOTS of triangles.  This is very different than what we did in Vol. 1. Yes, the strips and 9 patches are common to both volumes, but setting them on point involves lots of math, and keeping track of which stack of triangles you cut for side settings and corner settings! I think I'm going to make a special marker for the two piles.

I don't have the special ruler Harriet suggests for making the math go away, so I used Method 2, which is cutting triangles with space to spare.

After I cut the ones for the sides, making sure it was a large square that was cut into 4 triangles, so that the long edges are all on the straight grain rather than bias, and then cutting smaller squares cut in half for corners, I realized they were all the same size!  BUT, one set had 2 straight grain edges, and one set had only one straight grain edge.  It Is Very Important to keep the piles labeled and separate!  This creates a stable edge to work with which doesn't bend and distort as much as working with bias on edges.  This is a Very helpful tip! I know, because my mom just confessed that her long arm quilter had a hard time with squaring her latest quilt top because of all the bias edges! That will be one problem I will now be able to avoid. hehe.

Speaking of Mom, while she was here we attempted to work magic on the Dreaded Pointy End Table Runner (Carrie's Mitered Edge), and... no success.  It is in the drawer of UFO's, to be tackled some other year. Or, maybe until I get the courage to ask my LQS for help.

I'm off to gather fabric for my first project. At least we are still getting yardage requirements, because I see that the instructions are getting more sparse.  I suppose it is a good thing I just proved to myself with the Vol. 1 Final Exam that I am capable of figuring many of the details myself!
I think I'm ready to venture into my own colors too.  Last year I duplicated the Master's as closely as possible. I figure that anyone who aspires to learn from the Master, copies first.  So, my whole first year of projects were basically copies of the Harriet and Carrie's creations.  This year, I am going to stretch myself and see if I can make my own color schemes!  Maybe.  LOL.

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