Friday, May 1, 2015

Carrie's Country Lane Mitered Table Runner Update

This is the dreaded project I have been putting off.  But, after finishing the last table runner, and seeing it on my table, I decided I'd attempt this one.

This runner has 6 sides.  It was a project of frustration to figure out how to make the pointy ends in the first place.  I have cut the borders as stated in the directions.  Lots of extra on the ends. And, I think if I can complete it, it would look nice!  HOWEVER.... The instructions for the border is as bad as the instructions were for the pointy ends.

These instructions are for nice 90 degree angles.  
DO YOU SEE any 90 degree angles in my actual project?       No :(

I went to YouTube, and searched for any examples of how to do this. I only found nice square or rectangle examples of mitered borders. 

So, I decided to brave it, and attempt to follow the instructions. 
Under normal square conditions, you would leave the border as such. I sewed up to the 1/4" at both ends, and of course, I can't unfold my straight long edge. LOL. 
Seem ripper to the rescue.  Attempt #1 Fail.
So, I press my long edges out.  Easy sides done. LOL.
Now, I sew the 2 short edges on, and press out, leaving the 1/4" and back stitch seams as directed.  
Now what?  If I fold a 90 degree angle, as the book suggests, this is the only way to do that.  I am folding the top border under, while the bottom has no where to go.  I pinned them together here. But, even if I use "glue" as stated in the instructions instead of pins, HOW DO I SEW THIS?  there is no under side to sew so that I dont have a seam running down the face of this.  Fail #2

And, how about the pointy end?  Does this look like a 90 degree angle?  Fail #3, YOU'RE OUT!

I Have confirmed that THIS PROJECT does NOT belong in Year One.  

It is going back in the drawer for another year. LOL. 
And, I am not going to have it in the back of my mind that I need to finish it.  Don't bother with this project. Save yourself the frustration.  Move on.  Don't go here. The End of the story for Mitered table runner. 


  1. I can do mitered corners with binding, but not with individual pieces. Wish I could help!

  2. EEEEk, more mitered edges to think about??
    Actually, I talked with Mom, and she says she has done this before, although not the "professional" way. lol. So, she will rescue this project in May when she visits for our High School graduation ceremony! Yay for Moms!