Saturday, May 16, 2015

Irish Chain Scrap Quilt Complete!

My Last Assigned Project is quilted!

Again, it is taken from the side due to the table in front of my design board, but...

I picked an Intermediate Pantograph, had my LQS load the quilt and I came in and spent 2 hrs. quilting on the long arm machine this AM. Can't believe how fast this can be done on a long arm! Feels like cheating. lol.  I spent many more hours piecing it.  And then, poof, 2 hrs. and it is quilted.  Another 1.5 hrs. and the binding will be on and the quilt can be used!

This was my favorite quilt to piece, as I fell in love with the challenge of picking scrap fabrics and finding just the right placement. I'm happy with the way it turned out.

There is always something new to learn on machine quilting though, and this time, I accidentally went back the wrong way when lines crossed, and duplicated a small section.
Do you see it?  I will need to do a bit of thread picking, again. lol.

Although I didn't finish the course by my goal date of May 1 (which was picked because of how busy May gets for us) I AM finished before my guests arrive for the High School Graduation next Saturday.  So, I feel like I'm going to consider this a success anyway!

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