Saturday, February 21, 2015

Harriet's Town Square Quilted

Another project competed!

With this project, I finally felt comfortable with the entire process.

  • I was able to get the borders measured and straight no problem.
  • I got my angles correct for the binding without any seam ripping.
  • The Long Arm Quilting Machine didn't give me any fits with tension, and I was easily able to   find a pantograph that fit the proportions fine.  I was actually able to find the same fabric used   for the inside border still at the fabric store, so I was able to use it for the backing.  That made   choosing thread color for top and bottom easy... they were the same :)  It is much easier to pick the same or near same color thread for top and bottom so that tension is easier to adjust without noticing the wrong color on the other side.
  • I was also able to come straight home and cut the edges and attach binding in the same evening!

Here is a close up of the quilting.  I felt comfortable with the stitches, and how well I'm able to get them to be continuously fluid. Its a big improvement from my first quilt.

As much as I appreciate not having to baste the quilt, and force it to go through my small machine, I'm having trouble with taking my time to do any free motion at the rental machine.  Pantographs are faster and easier on the long arm frame system, unless you were to have one at home where you can stop and start easily enough.  My dream would be to have a long arm at a sit down table, APQS: George, or HQ: Sweet Sixteen are the two I dream about when I think about browsing Craig's List and forums :)  First step is to find one to see, touch and try!  If anyone out there reading this has any experience with either of these machines please leave me a comment and let me know what I should be aware of, consider, and how you like yours after years of use!

This week, I also opened up the book to the "Final Exam".  Since I am getting close, I thought it would be nice to at least start working on it.  It is simply a picture of a quilt that we must figure out how to replicate!
First step was to choose a size and figure yardage.  I'm glad I'm starting now!

I've got my borders done for Harriet's Double Nine Patch, and I picked up the backing fabric when I was out this week, so when I was at the quilt shop yesterday quilting, I went ahead and made my next appt. for Wednesday this coming week.  It is sure nice to be able to finish all these project tops.  I will have used up all my rental hours on my first 10 hr. card with my next quilt.  That leaves 2 quilts and 2 table runners remaining. I'm hoping to gain the courage to work my home machine for the table runners. LOL.  But, I'm saving them for last.  Still having anxiety over the mitered borders for that runner!

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