Friday, February 27, 2015

Double Nine Patch Quilted and Finished

Another  project finished this week!  I'm on a roll and I can see the end of Freshman Year is getting close.

This project was a bit larger than previous projects. It ended up 60x60 with the borders, a true throw size quilt.  Previous projects were more of wall hanging size, or samplers.

I bought some backing fabric when I saw it on sale a while back at Joanne's. It was a green Paisley, and I thought it would be perfect for this quilt top, but as I pulled it out to use I realized it wasn't enough. I didn't have the measurements yet when I bought it, as I hadn't put the borders on.  I went back this week and the green was still there, but not on sale. I found a black "backing" fabric which is 108" and thought that would work real nice because I wouldn't have to make a seam to get to 60" on the bottom. There was only 61" left on the bolt and in the moment, I thought "YES, Just enough!"  Now, that would have been perfect if I was basting to quilt, but on a long arm I need at least 3" on each edge.  I spent way too much time trying to figure out how to make the outside edges cut straight with SO much fabric!  I could NOT figure out how to fold it that many times to get a good cut. And, do I add just a small panel on the edge? No, because if I ended up having that quilted onto the pieced top, it would look funny.  I've done that with the top and bottoms of several quilts.  In order to be able to attach the backing onto the zippered leader clothes, I sometimes need to add a strip across the top and bottom just for space.

Then, I had the "Ah, Ha" moment while doing dishes. .  .   Rip the fabric down the center!  Harriet has us rip fabric along the grain to find the straight edge.  Why not rip it down the center and add a middle panel?  YES!  And, I have just the fabric to use.. the green paisley!

By ripping it, I have a straight edge to work with, and I was able to cut my 10" strip of green easy 
enough. This is the first time I've had to piece my backing fabric. And, I'm now debating what color thread I'm going to use for quilting because black on the back would be nice, but green is the preferred top color, and I know I can't put two contrasting colors together or I have a hard time with getting the tension exact so the wrong color doesn't show up.

Making the backing was the biggest hurdle with this quilt!

I was going to try a different batting this time too. I've been using Mountain Mist 100% cotton from Joanne's. But, I thought a thicker poly blend might be nice to try.  The quilt store was all out! I'm really glad I threw the batting in the car just in case.

Again, I chose a pantograph to use and I decided to use green thread on both top and bobbin.  My quilting is good enough now that although the quilting will show up boldly on the back, I won't be embarrassed :)
Here it is finished:

And, this is the back!

And, here is the close up of the pattern I used.

I think there is improvement with all the practice I've been getting.

So, another project finished. That leaves 2 more quilts and 2 table runners remaining.

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