Thursday, January 8, 2015

Goals for 2015

Happy New Year!

At this time of year, I reflect on what I accomplished last year, and think about what is still important to me and what I want to concentrate on this year.
I have a simple piece of paper that lists different areas of life: Financial, Health, Spiritual, Hobbies, etc.....
Last year I fell off the wagon half way through.  I was fairly intentional in my daily happenings, until I went on a road trip in the summer with my son.  When I got back, I just never got back into my routine :(  The Very Important things got done, but too much got left behind.
And, I wasn't doing the quilting at all last year, because I just didn't sit down and figure out what I wanted to do about the finished project tops and their quilting. It was a procrastination thing.

So, it is a fresh start. Don't you just love that about every January? I have my list of important things and quilting is one of them. LOL

My goal this year is to finish all the unfinished quilt tops from Quilter's Academy 1. There are 8 of them remaining. Two I finished in December.  And, I want to get started on Quilter's Academy 2, which I received as a gift this Christmas. Thanks Mom :) I don't believe I can finish the entire book this year, but I'd like to be working on projects weekly.

My hope is to be finished with the Academy 1 tops by May 1 before a house full of guests arrive for my son's High School graduation.   I hope to start on Sophomore Year soon so I can get back into piecing! Here is the list I used for my quilting goals:

Speaking of old projects.. I got out my project tops and was planning the quilting and I've already come up with the first problem.  I don't have backing fabric that goes with the tops!  We were given information about yardage needed for the project itself, but nothing was ever mentioned about the backing.  I have lots of wonderful fabrics I used for the tops, and would have wanted fabric to match on the back.  Now, it has been so long, I cannot go back and find any of these lines of fabric. :(  It will take me a little while to gather fabric for the backs.

Problem 2 comes with the dreaded table runner with the pointed ends.. (project 4)  I remember having to email Harriet about the instructions for this table runner.  Now, as I have it up on my design board, I realize I am really stuck with figuring out how to make mitered points on the border!  GRRRR. She simply says, this requires 6 mitered edges! I think if I were to do this all over again, this table runner doesn't belong with the other projects.  It is definitely a level 2 or 3 skill. lol  Too hard.  I may just put it away and wait until later to finish it.

So, what am I doing this week? I get to hunt down fabric! And, I am reading through Freshman Year again, to refresh my mind on what I have learned so far!

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  1. I don't know what happened to me this year (apart from catnip allergies!) but I usually use the time between Christmas and the start of the school year as a time for regrouping and contemplating coming attractions, too. This year, not so much. Can I blame it on the fact that so much of the externals of my life are up in the air, and it's too cold to even think about going outside, and I can always just knit something?

    Happy mitering. I remember you writing about those corners before. They're memorable!