Friday, January 23, 2015

Cutting Binding angles and the Binding of Log Cabin Project

I am SO excited. The 3rd time really is the charm :)
My first two quilt bindings I had a terrible time with the 45 degree angle and the strips being even. Remember? They looked like this :
I just couldn't figure out how to get them to come out straight!

But, this time, I've got it! Look! They are perfectly straight!
 Since I'm more visual, and the instructions just didn't give me what I was looking for, maybe this will help someone else.  Since I don't sew anything else, I'm not that knowledgeable in how this works, except by what the instructions say. So, now this is a visual of what I have learned.

My ruler has a 45 degree line.  I lined it up perfectly against the top edge and cut off the end of the strip, both ends, wrong sides together.
 Now, I ran through the small piece that I cut off BEFORE I attempted to run my strips through. I think that trying to run the strip through by itself, it would get bunched up, and not pull properly through.  I was able to use my 1/4" guide somewhat, but mostly I made sure after I put them together as the book outlined, I sent them through sewing exactly from notch to notch, like this:

 The notches are more important than the 1/4" seam. And, make sure to finish with the piece of fabric also. It also helps to use the end of the seam ripper to hold the fabric in place as it is going through the needle. You can see that I don't use the seam guide here, or else it would not be straight when opening.


Press seams open, and press binding in half and press the end 1/4 " to the inside, I sewed the first layer to the front of quilt about 4".

And, the quilt lays perfectly on my table!  After I sewed the first 4", I cut thread and started again almost 2" away from where both layers come together. This is for the end of the strip to fit inside when you come back to this end.

When I got to the edge, this was tricky. Another part that wasn't that clear in the instructions.
Stop sewing about 1/4" away from the end. Leave the needle down. Lift presser foot, and turn your quilt to go the next side down.  Like this below.

Now, put presser foot back down, and push the back up button to sew back off the edge.

Next, fold the binding up, and turn back down so you have the nice square end.  You can pull a little thread through to make room if you need to, as it will get buried inside the binding, but DON'T cut it. I think the instructions did a good job of how to do the folding part. Now, sew straight onto the edge just as before.

 When you come to the end, you will simply tuck the end into that beginning opening, and keep sewing until you have it completed. It will then look just like all the other 45 degree angle seams!

This is what the front side looks like when you turn the binding over to back side and sew. A nice mitered corner!
 This is the back side of mitered corner!

So, after the 3rd time, I think I finally understand how to apply those instructions that seemed to miss a few key visuals.  

Another project complete.  I have an appt. at The Quilt Crossing for the Long Arm Machine next Thursday, so I better go get the borders on my next piece.  
Until next week......

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