Thursday, December 18, 2014

Project 2 Rail Fence Finished

Project 2 Rail Fence is complete!

This was not without a hiccup.  Well, without picking out threads.  Lots of threads.  The entire quilt of quilting threads! LOL
Of course, I didn't feel like laughing at the time.

There is a learning curve with all new things.  And this big fancy Long Arm Machine is absolutely new to me.  There are lots of things to be thinking about, and tension on the under side of the quilt was not one of the things I was thinking about.

Somewhere soon after starting, the thread popped out of one of the tension guides and so the back of the quilt ended up having loops fairly often.  I didn't notice till I had finished and taken it off the machine.  Lo and Behold, the only option was to pick out the threads and start over.

This was after I loaded the quilt myself. It took 35 minutes to load, test tension, load pantograph and plan the starts and stops, and baste the edges.  It took me only 1 hour and 15 minutes to quilt it!  I was so excited. Perfectly within the 2 hour budget I had booked for rental.

So, I came home, and ripped out all the quilting, and returned 2 days later to quilt again.  This is a gift for a niece for Christmas, so it needed to get done!

This time, I loaded in 10 minutes and had it quilted within the same hour. Talk about a learning curve!

I'm happy with the way it finally turned out.

And, yes, I learned my lesson.  Check the back and front often, and the thread guides!
I'm well on my way to getting these quilts finished and moving into Sophomore year!

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  1. I can but imagine picking out all those threads. At least there were loops along the way to make things a bit easier. Oh, goodness. The devotion! I hope you had a wee bit of chocolate or other happiness-supporter available.