Saturday, July 23, 2016

V2 Cabin in the Cotton Begins

Vol. 2: Third project is finally underway. Life has gotten back to a more predictable flow and I found myself in the quilting room 5 days this week!   I made 18 of these 7x7 squares. All different, since the project is supposed to be scrappy style.
 The fabric is a 1930's reproduction fabric, which happens to be my Favorite theme of fabric, and I have been collection lots of 1930's. I was not so sure about this project and using my collection, so I bought a strip set just for this project. They are more bright than the ones I already owned, but were nice for this project quilt.

Log Cabin squares are not that difficult, and we have done one other in the first volume, the Patriotic Log Cabin as show here.

The difference this time is a smaller grid, we use only 1" grid, and the center blocks are same size as the rest of the grid.  We are also setting the squares on diagonal point, and will be learning sashing.
Here are the 18 completed squares and aligned on the design board ready for the setting mini blocks that will also be log cabin, 1/2" grid.

 It sure felt good to be quilting again, but summer quilting upstairs on the sun facing side of the house is WARM.  Lemonade, good music, and quilting is a good day though.


  1. Scrappy and bright! And 5 days of quilting ... how lovely.

  2. I'm just getting back into QA, too! I love following along - it's inspiring to see where you are. Keep up the sewing!

  3. Lovely! So nice. I am just finising the book one. Will be quilting soon, after practice!