Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Nine Patch On Point Quilted

Vol 2: Project 1 is completed, lesson 230

I had a really hard time deciding what to do about the quilting of this project.  The more I looked at it, the more I wanted to quilt a motif in the middle of those big teal squares that are not pieced. And, those triangles just begged for something that fit too.  But, I know my limitations, and standing at the long arm at the rental studio for long hours just wasn't in my "can do" category. I have a limit of 2 hrs before I feel the affects on my injured back.

I went to the studio, and looked through all the pantographs, and finally found a pattern I thought I could like, "Bellflower".  They look like tulips connected with leaves. And, they have such wonderful colors of thread there too.  So, I decided to go for it, again.

But... I have ordered The Thimble Lady's learning package for hand quilting.  I have been attempting to learn to crochet because I wanted something to do in the evenings while sitting with hubby.  Well, if I can hand quilt fast enough to keep up with my piecing, there is no reason why not.  That way, I can have the special designs that I want even if I can't have George or HQ Sweet Sixteen, both sit down mid arm quilting machines.

I finished in 2 hrs, but after I got home and squared my corners and straightened the edges, I realized I had run out of bobbin thread on a row, and didn't notice it when I restarted later in the pattern!
So, back I went the next morning, with sore back and all from the day before. This time, I asked if I could use the pantograph and chalk in the design, and then use George to free motion quilt it.  (hehe, another opportunity to get my hands-on experience :)

It took me almost an hour to do the one short space of the row, but I was doing pretty well!  There is no stitch regulator, and at first I was pressing the foot pedal too fast, and stitches were too small.  I quickly learned to go VERY slow, and I LOVE the bigger stitches that are possible with George.  I know I can adjust the stitch length a little on the long arm, but they never look the same as this!
It is another reason that hand quilting appeals to me. And, I found out that I can rent George just as I rent the long arms!  So, maybe I will just stick with George over there!  Of course, the hard part is that it is just a small table, and it is hard to bring my stuff and make it "home". lol I did bring clamps along this time, so that I could clamp down the edge of the quilt to the table edge on the back so it wouldn't fall off the table and pull on the needle and fight with me.  Colleen there at the shop thought that was pretty creative!  :)  You can probably find my row. It has some green chalk which makes it stand out a bit.  I will need to wash the quilt in order to get rid of the remains of the chalk, as it didn't all rub off. Wish me luck on that!

I am anxiously awaiting my learning book, DVD and thimble from the Thimble lady so I can start practicing!  I'm really hoping this works out well.  Because between hand quilting and renting George, I may just have a system to rely on :)


  1. Oh that sounds like a fun way play with a quilting machine and it's a beautiful quilt too!

  2. I just love this quilt! timeless!