Sunday, July 12, 2015

I Attempted to Win that George...Vol 2, Proj 1

I entered EVERY day.  My husband entered every day.  My sister and a friend entered as often as they thought about it ;)  Alas, APQS didn't call me last weekend. When I checked the website for the winner, it was a mother that won it for her daughter... MOM!!! LOL.  How I wish you could have figured out how to get to that web site.

Anyway, back to my lessons. I've been working on Vol.2, Proj 1.

PS, those are wrinkles, not puckers :)
This is the first time we assembled from each end.  I've always wondered about that, actually.  How come we start at one end, and keep adding another row.  Why not go half way, and then start again with the other end?  Well, this time we did.  Not sure why!  But, I liked it.  It was easier to handle under the machine.

Last step was to measure for the corners, which for a 6" block, I added 2", cut two 8" blocks and cut them in half.  Bias edges were always on the inside, so my outside edges have straight grain.

Here is a close up pic:

I like how the points lined up just right, and they have a totally different look when turned 90 degrees!

During Freshman Year we were expected to hold all the quilts to the end before quilting.  This year, because of the fragile nature of bias stretching, and since we already know how to get to the finished part, we get to go straight to the quilting part.  I was hoping to learn to do this at home, so I could do a bit more custom work.  

Those plain squares are just begging for a special quilting motif.  I am struggling with how to quilt it because I have a "BLOCK" in my head about starting the project and not finishing it when renting at the shop.  And, it costs too much to spend TOO many hours on it learning how to start and stop with motifs.  So... what do I do??  Just go with the pantograph design, again?  Or hold it and hope I can get my hands on a sit down mid arm machine soon??  lol. No, I want to start it NOW.
Suggestions ?? Anyone?


  1. Hand quilting? No rental needed!

    1. LOL. I HAVE considered that. Even spent some time researching the method I would prefer because I was more than half way convinced that would be the only way I could continue quilting. Then, I spoke with a few older ladies at the quilt shop when we had a demo day of the APQS machines. Both of them said their hands were getting too old and it was too slow to hand quilt anymore. They were looking for a machine at 70+ yo. AFTER spending a life time quilting by hand! If I end up machine quilting at that age, I'd rather start earlier. :P

      Although my husband is not interested in spending money on a nice quilting machine, When I told him I was considering hand quilting, he said that is ridiculous!

      Of course, I think men like machines and Dave absolutely believes faster is better. Why use a screw driver when you can use an electric drill bit! So, he understands why I want a machine. He just thinks that if we spend that much money, it has to return money back! LOL I'm not convinced I want to turn my hobby into a business. And, I think most who spend that much money on a machine DO end up quilting for others to pay for that machine.

      Hmmm, maybe if I started hand quilting, it would bother him so much that he would beg me to get a machine! :)