Saturday, November 29, 2014

I Am Here!

It has been too long!

Life has a way of turning in different directions, and I have not been excited to get back to the quilting room.
A son went off to college, and then... didn't.
A home business needed my help working on job site instead of periodic office work.
My back got injured so that I felt more like reading while laying down, than sitting and leaning over a sewing table... for many months.
Guests have used the room, so I've put all the sewing things away, and packed up the room, and then never set it up again, knowing that another set of guests would come soon and I wouldn't have to go through putting it up and down again. LOL.
And, I made a cross country trip with son to buy a car, and along the way we learned a new card game. Canasta.  And, I'm addicted. LOL.

And, I think I like piecing more than quilting. There, I admitted it.

Just thinking about all the new information and all the work that goes into the quilting part, makes me dread going into the sewing room.  Does that sound bad?  I was excited to move to the next step.But, really, I think I just dread the idea that I have to use my same machine, change all the settings and lines marked so that I can start the next phase. And, I'm not excited about that.
However, I do not think I can afford to pay someone to quilt everything I want to make. And, small things like place mats and table runners are not that big. But they still require different settings.
I don't have room for more equipment, nor the budget. So, I procrastinate!

But, it is now winter, in full storm, and I do not want to miss another winter of quilting. So, I AM GOING TO DO THIS! I have put all the tables back up and I will drag out all the stuff I need to figure out where I am.  I have read through my blog just to remind myself where I left off!
The worst part is that I know we need to keep at this, weekly, or we forget. And, I have forgotten much. Hopefully, once I can get through these quilting projects and finish up all these from Vol. 1, Volume 2 starts with a review!

Here is to starting over :)

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